Role of Culture in Medical Interpreting in San Francisco

Medical Interpreters are a vital part of any hospital operation because of the flexibility they have. As we all know not every person in the San Francisco area communicates in English fluently. Moreover, permanent residents and temporary visitors may require some kind of medical interpreting assistance. And at that point they will require the capacity to adequately speak with a doctor or even understand what the doctor is saying; this is when the medical interpreter comes into the play. Without appropriate interpreting services mistakes may occur which can lead to serious consequences for patients as well as doctors.

Hiring a professional medical interpreter can be highly beneficial as they can act as a liaison to the medical establishment. Professional medical interpreters are a key element for viable, productive, and dependable communication between a healthcare professional and a patient or family member not fluent in English. It is important for a professional medical interpreter to understand that the situation always is bicultural and not only bilingual.

Communication Risks in translation due to not understanding Cultural Aspects

Effective medical interpreting is not as simple as possessing the ability to speak two languages it requires a set of considerations that are more complex. Trained medical interpreters at AML-Global not only have an ability to accurately understand what medical discussion is going on they also hold the specialized skills for rendering message containing important medical terminology from one language to the other.Over and above knowledge of medical terminology, our professional medical interpreters have the capacity to accurately handle issues including cultural taboos and regional differences among other things.The cultural nuances of medical interpreting may include other, non-verbal cues as well.

Successful interaction between a medical professional and a patient, if a non-English speaker is involved, requires more than simple interpreting between English and the foreign language. To ensure sufficient care to the patients and diminish the language gap it is required to use trained professional medical interpreters. The utilization of an expert interpreter provided by AML-Global in cities in the San Francisco area like Oakland, San Jose, Santa Clara, Berkley San Mateo, Alameda and others can help accomplish this goal.

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At AML-Global the interpreters are well trained to handle verbal as well as non-verbal cultural risks in cities like Oakland, San Jose, Santa Clara, Berkley San Mateo, Alameda and others. AML-Globalprovides professional medical interpreting services in over 200 languages. The most requested languages AML-Global provides for the medical industry for interpreting services are Spanish, ASL, Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and French.

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