NYC: Consecutive or Simultaneous Interpretation

NYC: Consecutive or Simultaneous Interpretation

Consistently, AML-Global gets a large number of inquiries in NYC and its surrounding areas, for example, Manhattan Island, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. The request can be for anything from medical, legal, commercial and even hi-tech. Consistently, we come across people who don’t have clear ideas regarding simultaneous and consecutive interpretation, including those who are in the conference and events industry. Lets discuss the difference between simultaneous and consecutive interpreting in this article.

What is Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous Interpretation, as the name infers, is interpreting progressively while a speaker or moderator is conveying his or her message to a crowd of people. As the world’s populaces become progressively reliant on conveying language and culture, simultaneous – interpretation is more relevant than ever.

Every year many multi-lingual conferences are hosted in NYC. Some examples of simultaneous interpreting are at conferences, lectures, and presentations, or during high-profile trials in court. Sound-proof booths, headphones, and microphones are some of the important tools used during simultaneous interpreting.

What is Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is frequently used in settings where it is not possible or appropriate to install simultaneous interpretation equipment. In this mode, the interpreters take notes as they listen to the speaker who is advised to stop at reasonable intervals in order to let the interpreter communicate the message. It should be noted that consecutive interpretation takes much longer than simultaneous interpretation.

The consecutive interpretation method is most suitable for depositions, courtroom proceedings, training activities, witness testimonies, short business meetings, press conferences, medical and job interviews.

In short, consecutive is stop-and-start while simultaneous is continuous.

Which type of interpreter do you need

It is clear from the discussion above, that the type of interpreter (and the number of them) you need will rely on the sort of meeting you are planning.

In summary, the different interpretation services discussed above are: consecutive interpretation, commonly used in one-on-one or small groups, and simultaneous interpretation generally used for large conferences or meetings where two or more languages are required.

For over three decades, AML-Global provides professional consecutive as well as simultaneous interpreting services in over 200 languages in the cities of NYC and its surrounding areas such as Manhattan Island, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. The most popular languages AML-Global support for consecutive as well as simultaneous interpreting service are Spanish, American Sign Language, German, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Portuguese, etc.

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