Miami: Consecutive or Simultaneous Interpretation

Miami: Consecutive or Simultaneous Interpretation

Hundreds of queries come to AML-Global on a daily basis in Miami about interpreters for conferences because we are an expert language service providers. We come across many people who still have doubts regarding simultaneous and consecutive interpreting. In this article, lets discuss these.

What is Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive interpreting is when the speaker pauses to allow an interpreter to repeat what has been said in the target language before continuing. Popularly it is also known as Listen before talks because this is what happens in consecutive interpreting.

It is cheaper than other language interpretation because it doesnt require any specialist equipment or complex planning.

For example, after a dinner speech by a key note speaker in Miami where most of the attendees are English speakers an interpreter will listens to the speech and repeat what has just been said in Spanish.

What is Simultaneous Interpretation

In this process, the interpreter works in a soundproof booth with at least one colleague. The speaker in the meeting room speaks into a microphone, the interpreter receives it through a headset and renders the message into the microphone almost immediately. The target audience in the meeting room listens to the interpreted speech by selecting the relevant channel.

In Miami, Every year for multi lingual conferences, simultaneous interpreting is ideal for target audiences. Some of the instances of simultaneous interpreting are at conferences, Lectures, presentations or during high-profile trials in court.

In short, consecutive is stop-and-start while simultaneous is continuous.

Which type of interpreter do you need

It depends on the nature of the meeting the client wants to hold. For example, if the conference is large and multi lingual, then you should go for simultaneous interpretation. And if it is a small meeting which is interactive in nature, then consecutive interpreters could be the most preferable.

For over three decades, AML-Globalprovides professional consecutive as well as simultaneous interpreting services in over 200 languages in cities like Miami and around the world. The most popular languages AML-Global supports for consecutive as well as simultaneous interpreting service are Spanish, American Sign Language, German, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Portuguese, etc.

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