Localization Services

If you’re like many of the top businesses today, you must realize how important it is to communicate effectively with business partners from all over the world. Localization is a process which has greatly improved the way international business partners relate to one another. When you localize your documents, you adapt them to a specific audience.

Localization services take into account the way different cultures interpret basic words and images, and attempts to convey your original message as accurately as possible. At American Language Services, we know good communication skills are essential to developing international business relationships. Developing a plan for localizing your marketing materials is our priority. We can help you localize your website, software, collateral materials, marketing information as well as a variety of other types of documents.

Impress International Consumers with Our Localization Services

Through our localization services, businesses around the world have benefited tremendously from our marketing and advertising localization efforts. Your advertising is your link to the community at large, and you must covey the right image to consumers around the world. We take the time to help you develop campaigns that speak to people with passion and insight.

In addition to addressing your marketing materials, we also make your website compelling to people of all nationalities. We help to make sure your website is user friendly in every language. The most effective localization efforts take into account various elements including technical requirements, format issues, cultural norms, national holidays, traditions, colors and icons, to name just a few. It’s also important to make it easy for international consumers and business partners to navigate through your website, and easily pay for your products and services without having to convert currencies.


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