Everything you need to know about Sign Language in NYC

Everything you need to know about Sign Language in NYC

American Sign Language (ASL) is a visual language used predominantly across United States and in English-speaking parts of Canada. American Sign Language is accepted by many high schools, colleges, and universities across NYC and its surrounding areas such Manhattan Island, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and othersin fulfilment of world language/language requirements.

Different countries have different sign language

Most people are familiar with sign language, the system that deaf people use to communicate. What few may know is that there are many different variations of sign language around the world which is based on both the culture and spoken language of that region. Some of the Sign Languages of other Countries are listed below:

  • Australia  Auslan (Australian Sign Language)
  • Japan  Japanese Sign Language (JSL)
  • Ireland  Irish Sign Language (ISL)
  • Spain  Spanish Sign Language (SSL)
  • UK  British Sign Language (BSL)
  • Portugal  Portuguese Sign Language (PSR)
  • Sweden  Swedish Sign Language (TSP)

Sign Language: A language of gestures

Sign language is a language which uses gestures for communication. It utilizes hand shape, palm orientation, hand movement, and hand location to express needs, thoughts, emotions and experiences. However, it is not just a gesture version of the spoken languages that are used in their surrounding communities. American Sign Language (ASL) and British Sign Language, for instance, are completely different.

Sign language have their own grammar

Unlike spoken languages, in which grammar is expressed through sound-based signifiers for tense, aspect, mood and syntax (the way we organize individual words), sign languages use hand movements, sign order, body and facial cues to create grammar.

An interesting fact about sign language:

The left hemisphere of the brain plays a crucial role in supporting sign language. Brain damage affects sign language in the same way it affects spoken language. Any damage to the left hemisphere can affect sign language in the same way it affects spoken language. The person whose left hemisphere is damaged, may be able to produce signs, but impair their ability to produce correct grammatical configurations.

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