Different Types of Professional Interpreters provided by AML-Global in Washington DC

Washington D.C. is a great representative sample of the melting pot which is America. In the fact there are a myriad of types of people from different nationalities who speak many different languages. There is no surprise that there would be a need to different interpretation services in the Washington D.C. area. AML-Global provides many distinctive types of interpreting services in Washington D.C. and surrounding areas in nearby states like Virginia and Maryland. Here is an overview of some of the types of professional interpreters we provide and what they do:

Medical Interpreters in Washington D.C. and Surrounding Areas

Medical interpreters provided by AML-Global helps non-English speaking people in surrounding areas close to Washington D.C such as Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria, Reston, Baltimore, Bethesda, and Rockville. WE provide a variety of interpreters who work directly with the medical establishment in hospitals, clinics doctor?s offices and medical facilities to name some. It is critical in a medical setting to have clear interaction amongst clinicians and patients.

Quality medical interpreters provided by AML-Global are familiar with vocabulary and they also have a good understanding of cultural nuances and sensitivity.

Conference Interpreters in Washington D.C.

Typically, conference interpreters work from one or several foreign?languages?into their primary language. AML-Global provides conference interpretation in Washington D.C. and surrounding areas. They are experts in both source and the target language as well as detailed communication for specialized messaging. Our professionals can easily handle multilingual conferences, pass on the meaning of a presenter’s message orally into another dialect to listeners who might not otherwise be able to understand it.

American Sign Language Interpreters in Washington D.C., Virginia and Maryland

AML-Global is committed to providing American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting services in?cities of Washington, D.C. and surrounding areas like Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandra, Reston, Baltimore, Bethesda, Rockville and other cities. A?sign language interpreter provided by AML-Global has deep subject matter expertise and is responsible for helping deaf people to understand what is being said in a variety of situations.

Legal Interpreters in Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia

AML-Global has successfully completed many legal interpreting assignments in Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandra, Reston, Baltimore, Bethesda, Rockville and other cities around the Washington DC area. A?legal interpreter?provided by AML-Global accurately interprets spoken words from one language to another in legal settings, such as law offices or courtrooms and. They also have the ability to make legal phrasing easy to understand to a layman. Our interpreters are experts in legal proceedings such as trials, depositions, settlement conferences, mediation and arbitration.

Guide Interpreters in Washington D.C., Virginia and Maryland

A tour guide interpreter specializes in guiding visitors, dignitaries, business associates and tourists throughout Washington D.C., Virginia, Maryland and all areas throughout the United States. The goal of our Guide Interpreters is to assist visitors with travel, business meetings sight visits by securely and accurately presenting information in a culturally correct context.

AML-Globalprovides professional interpreting services in over 200 languages. The most popular languages AML-Global work for interpreting service in Washington DC and surrounding area are ASL, German, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, French, and Russian.

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