Top 20 Translated Phrases in Taiwanese Language

Since 1985, American Language Services (AML-Global) has provided effective translation, interpretation, and transcription services in over 200 languages (including ASL & CART services).  AML-Global is one of the largest language service providers in the United States.  We have earned an excellent reputation by delivering cost-effective, timely and great quality work with fast turnaround times.  We are 9001 & 13485 ISO certified, which is a testament to our uncompromising processes.  Below is a sample of commonly translated phrases in the Taiwanese language

English Taiwanese
Welcome 歡迎光臨 (hoan-gêng kong-lîm)
Hello 你好 (lí-hó) – sg

恁好 (lín-hó) – pl

How are you? 你好無? (lí hó-bò)
What is your name? 請問,你貴姓? (chhiáⁿ-mn̄g, lí kùi-sèⁿ?)

你叫啥物名? (lí kiò sáⁿ-mih/síaⁿ-mih miâ?)

My name is … 我姓 … (góa sèⁿ …)

我叫 … (góa kiò …)

Please 請 (chhiáⁿ)
Please say that again 請閣講一擺 (chhiáⁿ koh-kóng chi̍t-pái)
Have you eaten?

(Common greeting)

你食飽未? (lí chia̍h pá bōe/bē)

你有食飽無?(lí ū chia̍h pá bô?)

used by a host to a guest to mean

‘Am I making you comfortable?

Am I fulfilling my duties to you as a host?’

你食飽無 (lí chia̍h pá bô)

(lit. “Are you full?” / “Have you eaten?”)

Leave me alone! 莫關我! (mài koan góa!)
Good luck! 好運 (hó-ūn)
Have a nice day 祝你今仔日真好的日子

(chiok lí kin á ji̍t/li̍t chin hó ê ji̍t chí)


(chiok lí kin á ji̍t/li̍t chin hó thiⁿ)

Bon voyage /

Have a good journey

順行 (sūn-kiâⁿ)

順風 (sūn-hong)

Thank you 多謝 (to-siā)

感謝 (kám-siā)

撈力 (ló làt)

Sorry 失禮 (sit-lé)

歹勢 (pháiⁿ-sè)

對不起 (tùi-put-khí)

I miss you 我真數念你 (góa chin siàu-liām lì)
Good night 暗安 (àm-an)

晚安 (bóan-an)

Go away! 去! (khì)

走! (cháu!)

I love you 我愛你 (góa ài lì)
How much is this? 偌濟錢? (lōa-chē/chōe chîⁿ?)

(gōa-chē/chōe chîⁿ?)

Call the police! 叫警察! (kiò kéng-chhat)


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