Top 20 Translated Phrases in Slovene Language

Since 1985, American Language Services (AML-Global) has provided effective translation, interpretation, and transcription services in over 200 languages (including ASL & CART services).  AML-Global is one of the largest language service providers in the United States.  We have earned an excellent reputation by delivering cost-effective, timely and great quality work with fast turnaround times.  We are 9001 & 13485 ISO certified, which is a testament to our uncompromising processes.  Below is a sample of commonly translated phrases in the Slovene language

English Slovene
Welcome Dobrodošli
Hello Pozdravljeni


Zdravo (in cities)

How are you? Kako se imate? (frm)

Kako se imaš? (inf)

What is your name? Kako ti je ime? (inf)

Kako vam je ime? (frm)

My name is … Ime mi je …
Congratulations! Čestitke!
Pleased to meet you Me veseli
Excuse me Oprostite (frm)

Oprosti (inf)

Leave me alone! Pustite me na miru!

Pustite me pri miru!

Good luck! Srečno
Have a nice day Lep dan vam želim! (frm)

Lep dan ti želim! (inf)

Bon voyage /

Have a good journey


Srečno pot

Thank you Hvala

Hvala lepa

Najlepša hvala

Sorry Oprostite (frm)

Oprosti (inf)

Get well soon Čimprej se pozdravi
Good night Lahko noč
Stop! Ustavite se! (frm)

Ustavi se! (inf)

I love you Ljubim te (m/f)

Rad te imam (m)

Rada te imam (f)

How much is this? Koliko je to?

Koliko to stane?

Bon appetit /

Have a nice meal

Dober tek!


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