Top 20 Translated Phrases in Farsi Language

Since 1985, American Language Services (AML-Global) has provided effective translation, interpretation, and transcription services in over 200 languages (including ASL & CART services).  AML-Global is one of the largest language service providers in the United States.  We have earned an excellent reputation by delivering cost-effective, timely and great quality work with fast turnaround times.  We are 9001 & 13485 ISO certified, which is a testament to our uncompromising processes.  Below is a sample of commonly translated phrases in the Farsi language

Good morning!(sobh bekheir) صبح بخير
Please write it downلطفا یادداشت کنید

(lotfan yaddasht konid)

inf – لطفاً یادداشت کن

Good night(shab bekheir) شب بخير

inf – شب خوش

What is your name?اسم شما چیست؟

(esm e shoma chist?)

اسمتون چيه؟

(esmetun chie?)

نام شما چيست؟

vfrm – (naam e shoma chist?)

اسم شما چيه؟

inf – (esm e shoma chie?)

vinf – اسمت چیه؟

Please speak more slowlyميشه آهسته تر صحبت کنيد؟

(mishe ahesteh tar sohbat konid)

خواهش مي کنم آهسته تر صحبت کنيد

(khahesh mikonam ahesteh tar sohbat konid)

Please say that againمي شه دوباره بگيد؟

(miše dobâre begid?)

خواهش مي کنم دوباره تکرار کنيد

(khahesh mikonam dobare tekrar konid)

inf – میشه دوباره بگی ؟/ میشه دوباره تکرار کنی؟

Cheers! Good Health!

(Toasts used when drinking)


(be salâmati!) به سلامتي!

Good luck!(movafagh bashed) موفق باشيد

inf – موفق باشی

Have a nice dayروز خوبي داشته باشيد!

(ruze xubi dâšte bâšid!)

inf – روز خوبی داشته باشی


(Parting phrases)

(bedrood) بدرود

(khoda hafez) خدا حافظ

Excuse me.(bebakhshid) ببخشيد!

(mazerat mikham) معذرت ميخوام

Bon appetit /

Have a nice meal

(befarma’id) بفرماييد

(nooshe jan) نوش جان

Thank youممنونم

frm – (mamnūnam)


vinf – (mersi)


vfrm – (moteshakkeram)

Sorry(moteassefam) متاسفم!
How much is this?قيمتش چنده؟

(gheymatesh chande?)

قيمت اين چند است؟

(gheymate in chand ast?)

Help!(komak!) کمک!
Fire!(âtiš!) آتیش
Congratulations!مبارك باشد!
Get well soon(zud xub šo) زود خوب شو
I don’t understand.(nemifahmam) نمي فهمم

(motevajjeh nemisham) متوجه نميشم


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