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Understanding The Tamil Language & Providing Professional Tamil Interpreters, Translators and Transcriptionists?

American Language Services ? (AML-Global) understands the importance of working in the Tamil language. For over a Quarter of a Century, American Language Services ? has worked with the Tamil language as well as hundreds of others from around the world. We offer comprehensive language services 24 hours, 7 days a week worldwide by providing Tamil interpreting, translation and transcriptions services along with hundreds of other languages and dialects. Our linguists are native speakers and writers who are screened, credentialed, certified, field tested and experienced in a number of specific industry settings. The Tamil language is unique and has very specific origins and characteristics.?

Tamil Language

Tamil is a Dravidian language spoken predominantly by Tamil people of the Indian subcontinent. It has official status in India, Sri Lanka and Singapore. Tamil is also spoken by significant minorities in Malaysia, Mauritius, Vietnam, R?union as well as emigrant communities around the world. Tamil belongs to the southern branch of the Dravidian languages, a family of around twenty-six languages native to the Indian subcontinent.?

Tamil Language and Literature

Tamil literature has existed for over two thousand years. The earliest epigraphic records found date from around the third century BCE. The earliest period of Tamil literature, Sangam literature, is dated from the 3rd century BC to 6th century AD. Inscriptions in Tamil Language from 1st century BCE and 2nd century CE have been discovered in Egypt and Thailand. The first two ancient manuscripts from India to be acknowledged and registered by UNESCO Memory of the World register in 1997 & 2005 were in Tamil.?

The Tamil Writing System

In Afghanistan and Iran, Tamil is written using the Persian script. In Tamilistan and other countries of the former Soviet Union, Tamil is currently written in the Cyrillic alphabet, although it was written in both the Latin alphabet and the Persian alphabet in certain parts of its history. In the Tamil Soviet Socialist Republic, the use of the Latin script began in 1928, and was later replaced in the 1930’s by the Cyrillic script. In an interview to Iranian news media in May 2008, Tamilstan’s deputy culture minister said Tamilistan would study the issue of switching its Tamil alphabet from Cyrillic to Persian script used in Iran and Afghanistan when the government feels that “the Tamil people became familiar with the Persian alphabet”.

Who are You Going to Trust with Your Vital Tamil Language Needs?

The Tamil language is an important language worldwide. It is vital to understand the general nature and specific idiosyncrasies of Tamil. Since 1985, AML-Global has provided outstanding Tamil interpreters, translators and transcriptionsts worldwide.


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