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The West Midlands County is a metropolitan county and combined authority area in western-central England with a 2014 estimated population of 2,808,356, making it the second-most populous county in England after Greater London. The West Midlands is one of nine official regions of England at the first level of NUTS. Bristol Siddeley developed the rocket engines for Black Arrow at Ansty; in fact, all of R-R’s rocket engines were developed and built. the neighboring East Midlands, the geographic area of the West Midlands is more Conservative.

Historical, Cultural facts & Religion

The West Midlands county was created in 1974, under the Local Government Act of 1972. This area was based on the seven-county boroughs and four other non-county boroughs and urban districts around the fringe of the conurbation – Aldridge-Brownhills, Halesowen, Stourbridge, and Sutton Coldfield. “The West Midlands is one of the most innovative and dynamic areas in the world. These facts combine our proud industrial heritage – when our brightest minds came up with inventions that changed the world for the better – with a new age of doers and achievers. The religious make up of West Midlands is 60.2% Christian, 21.6% No religion, 6.7% Muslim, 2.4% Sikh, 1.3% Hindu, 0.3% Buddhist, 0.1% Jewish. 368,483 people did not state a religion. 13,997 people identified as a Jedi Knight and 543 people said they believe in Heavy Metal.

Brief City  History

West Midlands, metropolitan county of central England. It consists of seven metropolitan boroughs: the city of Birmingham (England’s second-largest city), the city of Coventry, and the boroughs of Dudley, Sandwell, Solihull, Walsall, and Wolverhampton. The metropolitan county incorporates parts of three historic counties. In the northwest, the boroughs of Wolverhampton and Walsall and parts of the boroughs of Dudley, Sandwell, and Birmingham belong to the historic county of Staffordshire. In the southwest, parts of the boroughs of Dudley, Sandwell, and Birmingham lie in the historic county of Worcestershire. In the center and the east, part of Birmingham, including the city’s historic core, and the entire boroughs of Solihull and Coventry belong to the historic county of Warwickshire. From 1974 to 1986 West Midlands was an administrative metropolitan county. In 1986 the metropolitan county lost its administrative powers, and its constituent boroughs became autonomous administrative units or unitary authorities. West Midlands is now a geographic and ceremonial county without administrative authority. The West Midlands region is situated in a predominantly lowland area of sandstones, clays, and underlying coal measures dominated by the plateau area around Birmingham, whence the Rivers Stour, Avon (Upper Avon), and Tame drain basically southward. Climatically, the area fluctuates between the milder and wetter weather of the west and the drier and colder conditions of the east. The area’s distance from the sea results in a somewhat larger range of climatic conditions. The city of Birmingham, for example, has one of the highest annual temperature ranges in Britain, with relatively high summer and low winter temperatures. The early settlement was sparse in the remote and heavily wooded countryside until Saxon colonists penetrated the river valleys. Birmingham originated as a small Saxon settlement near a crossing of the River Rea, though it long remained but a minor town. Dudley and its castle dominated the remote and sparsely populated area now known (from its grimy landscape) as the Black Country. Coventry was in fact the region’s only significant town by the late 14th century, when, as the fourth largest town in England (after London, York, and Bristol), it had a population of 7,000.

Language (s) Written & Spoken

92.8% of people living in West Midlands speak English. The other top languages spoken are 1.2% Panjabi, 0.9% Polish, 0.9% Urdu, 0.4% Bengali, 0.3% Gujarati, 0.3% Pakistani Pahari, 0.2% All other Chinese, 0.2% Arabic, 0.2% Somali.

Important Types of Commerce in Midlands

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Language Services US and others will provide working with Midlands

Although the de facto language of West Midlands is English. West Midlands is a culturally diverse city with many different languages. Businesses in West Midlands need translation services in several fields including legal, government, mining, life sciences, financial, marketing, IT & technology, manufacturing, defense, and corporate communications when they localize official documents, marketing collaterals, technical documentation, Websites & mobile apps, Software & web-based tools, and Video & audio.

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