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Weifang is a prefecture-level city in central Shandong province, People’s Republic of China. The city borders Dongying to the northwest, Zibo to the west, Linyi to the southwest, Rizhao to the south, Qingdao to the east, and looks out to the Laizhou Bay to the north. Weifang is a city found in Shandong, China. It is located 36.71 latitudes and 119.10 longitudes and it is situated at elevation 30 meters above sea level. Weifang has a population of 394,732 making it the 8th biggest city in Shandong.

Historical, Cultural facts & Religion

Present-day Weifang was created in 1948 by merging Weicheng (the seat of Weixian county) and Fangzi. Its area continued to grow as it expanded into more of the surrounding area under its administration.

Brief City  History

Weifang, Wade-Giles romanization Wei-fang, city, east-central Shandong sheng (province), eastern China. It is situated on the main route along the northern slopes of the Shandong Hills at the northern end of the central plain. The locality is watered by the Wei and Jiaolai rivers, which divide the Mount Tai complex to the west from the mountains of the Shandong Peninsula itself to the east. From Weifang, highways fan out north-eastward and eastward to Longkou, Penglai, and Yantai (Chefoo) on the northern coast of the Shandong Peninsula and south-eastward to Qingdao on the southern coast. The city is on the main railway line from Qingdao to Jinan (the provincial capital), completed by the Germans in 1904. After the railway was built, Weifang became a market centre for the agricultural produce of the plain to the south, especially tobacco.

The settlement of Weifang was founded before the unification of China in the 3rd century BCE when it formed part of the state of Qi; it is still surrounded by many ancient remains. It was named Weizhou under the Sui (581–618 CE) and Tang dynasties (618–907). In Song times (960–1279) it was the seat of a military prefecture, Beihai, but it later again became a civil unit. Under the Ming (1368–1644) and Qing (1644–1911/12) dynasties, it was demoted to county seat status as Weixian—a name it retained until Republican times (1911–49).

Fangzi, to the south, has coal mines that were opened up early in the 20th century by a German firm that operated under concessions gained in 1898. These concessions were retained by the German company after the Chinese repurchased most other mining rights in Shandong in 1911, but they were seized by the Japanese in 1915. Eventually, in 1923, they were transferred to the Luda Colliery Company (a Sino-Japanese concern).

Language (s) Written & Spoken

Jiaoliao or Jiao–Liao Mandarin is a primary dialect of Mandarin Chinese, spoken on the Shandong Peninsula, from Yantai to Qingdao, Ganyu District in north-eastern Jiangsu and the Liaodong Peninsula, from Dalian to Dandong, and along the Yalu.

Important Types of Commerce in Weifang

The key industries that Weifang is developing are smart manufacturing, high-end equipment manufacturing, auto manufacturing and new-energy automobiles. To meet businesses’ demands, the city government of Weifang provides thoughtful, efficient and professional services.

Language Services US and others will provide working with Weifang

People can move from one place to another due to various reasons. Therefore, interpreting is necessary to ease understanding in communication. Some of the reasons may be an adventure, fleeing wars, employment, business and many others. Business, law, education, research, engineering, manufacturing, medical and some of the many fields that require professional translation and interpretation services when doing business in Weifang. Proper understanding and knowledge of the local terminologies used are highly essential for essential and quality language service. Mandarin Chinese is the major language spoken in Weifang. Industry doing business with Weifang will require accurate and consistent Mandarin Chinese language services to grasp the wider market.

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