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Perth, the capital of Western Australia, sits where the Swan River meets the southwest coast. Sandy beaches line its suburbs, and the huge, riverside Kings Park and Botanic Garden on Mount Eliza offer sweeping views of the city. The Perth Cultural Centre houses the state ballet and opera companies and occupies its own central precinct, including a theatre, library and the Art Gallery of Western Australia. Perth City is situated between the Darling Ranges and the Indian Ocean, and along the banks of the Swan River, 12 km from the ocean. The river is named after the famous black swans which can be found along the river. The city is bound by the river to the east and south.

Historical, Cultural facts & Religion

Perth was founded in 1829 largely because the British feared the French would establish a colony in Western Australia. In 1827 Captain James Stirling (1791-1865) sailed to the Swan River in his ship HMS Success. (However, Murray was not actually born in the town of Perth. He was born in Perthshire).Perth is alive with a spectacular mix of music, theatre, comedy, dance and visual art. … Music lovers are in for a treat, with plenty of live music on offer especially in cultural hotspots like Perth City, Northbridge, Subiaco and Fremantle. Different religions are practiced here in Perth. The most common religions being Buddhist, Christian, Baptist, Jewish Orthodox and Catholic.

Brief City  History

Perth was founded in 1829 largely because the British feared the French would establish a colony in Western Australia. In 1827 Captain James Stirling (1791-1865) sailed to the Swan River in his ship HMS Success. Stirling believed the area would be ideal for a settlement. He persuaded the British government to found a colony there, independent of the colony in New South Wales. Perth was named after the birthplace of Sir George Murray who was British Secretary of State for the Colonies when the city was founded in 1829. (However, Murray was not actually born in the town of Perth. He was born in Perthshire). However, this colony was not to be manned by convicts. Instead, the government would sell land cheaply to private citizens. (Ignoring the Indigenous Australians who lived there). The first ship to arrive in the Swan River Estuary was HMS Challenger captained by Charles Fremantle (1800-1869). On 2 May 1829, he claimed the whole of Australia outside New South Wales for Britain. Stirling arrived in June. He ran the new colony by the Swan River from 1829 to 1832 and from 1834 to 1838. The new colony developed on two sites. The port town was named Fremantle in honor of the Captain. Perth itself was founded on 12 August 1829. To mark the event a tree was cut down on the site of Kings Park. Soon there was a conflict between the European settlers and the Indigenous Australians. The indigenous people were driven off their land and many of them were killed. The conflict culminated in the Battle of Pinjarra. In 1892 there was a gold rush in Western Australia and as a result, the population of Perth boomed. Perth Mint was built in 1899 and the University of Western Australia was founded in 1911. At the end of the 19th century Perth gained an electricity supply and in 1899 electric trams began running in the streets. However, the last trams in Perth ran in 1958. During the 1930s Perth, like the rest of the world suffered from economic depression. In the early 1930s, one man in four in Perth was unemployed. However full employment returned with World War II. Perth Concert Hall opened in 1973. In the late 20th century many more prominent buildings were erected in Perth. Those included AMP Building, which was erected in 1976, Governor Stirling Tower in 1978, Bank West Tower in 1988 and Bank West Building, which was built in 1988. Exchange Plaza was built in 1991. Swan Bells Tower opened in Perth in 2001. Today the population of Perth is 2 million. Perth is the capital of Western Australia.

Language (s) Written & Spoken

The dominant language is spoken at home, other than English, in the City of Perth was Mandarin, with 9.2% of the population, or 2,302 people speaking this language at home.

Important Types of Commerce in Perth

By virtue of its population and role as the administrative centre for business and government, Perth dominates the Western Australian economy, despite the major mining, petroleum and agricultural export industries located elsewhere in the state.

Language Services US and others will provide working with Perth

Although the de facto language of Perth is English. Perth is a culturally diverse city with many different languages. Businesses in Perth need translation services in several fields including legal, government, mining, life sciences, financial, marketing, IT & technology, manufacturing, defense and corporate communications when they localize official documents, marketing collaterals, technical documentation, Websites & mobile apps, Software & web-based tools, and Video & audio.

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