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Nagpur is a large city in the central Indian state of Maharashtra. The 19th-century Nagpur Central Museum displays items found locally, including fossils, sarcophagi and Mughal weaponry. The Raman Science Centre has hands-on exhibits and a planetarium. Sitabuldi Fort, in the Sitabuldi Hills, was the site of an 1817 battle. To the southwest, the immense, domed Deekshabhoomi is a Buddhist monument and pilgrimage site. Nagpur Limits encompass 217.56 Square Kms of land areas. Nagpur is 837 km. From Mumbai, 1094 km south of Delhi, 1092 km north of Chennai and 1140.

Historical, Cultural facts & Religion

The history of Nagpur, in central India, spans over 5,000 years, including the Kingdom of Nagpur in the 18th and 19th centuries. In 1743, the Maratha leader Raghoji Bhonsale of Vidarbha established himself at Nagpur, after conquering the territories of Deogarh, Chanda and Chhattisgarh by 1751. Nagpur culture is an amalgamation of the various cultures prevalent within India. Nagpur culture is a cosmopolitan culture that projects the faiths and beliefs of different communities. Sikhism, etc. These religious communities of Nagpur are known for their festivals and fairs that are celebrated throughout the year. Hinduism is the majority religion in Nagpur city with 69.46 % followers. Buddhism is the second most popular religion in Nagpur city with 15.57 % following it. In Nagpur city, Islam is followed by 11.95 %, Christianity by 1.15 %, Jainism by 0.90 % and Sikhism by 0.68 %.

Brief City  History

Gond prince of Deogad kingdom, Bhakt Buland, founded Nagpur in the early 18th century in the Chhindwara district. He tried to change the life of Nagpur as his new capital after seeing the advantage of the civilized life of Delhi. His successor Chand Sultan too continued the work of Bhakt Buland. Disputes regarding succession arose with the death of Chand Sultan in 1739. Maratha governor of Berar, Raghuji Bhonsle, tried to restore his elder son to the throne, and the control of Nagpur slowly passed on from the Gonds to the Marathas. Later Nagpur became the capital of the Bhonsle. Bhonsle’s lost to the British and Nagpur came under British influence in 1817. Raghuji III died without leaving any heir in 1853. As a result, the city came under the full control of the British under Lord Dalhousie’s Doctrine of Lapse. Nagpur became the capital of the Central Provinces of India in 1861. With the advent of the Great Indian Peninsula Railway (GIP) in 1867, its development spurred as a trade center. After Indian independence, Nagpur became the capital of Madhya Bharat State (C.P. and Berar). In 1960, the Marathi majority Vidarbha region was merged with the new state of Maharashtra and Nagpur was designated the second capital of Maharashtra state, alternating with Bombay as the seat of the Maharashtra state legislature.

Language (s) Written & Spoken

In Nagpur, Marathi and Hindi are the most spoken languages. Because of the proximity to the state border, Nagpur’s spoken languages are heavily influenced by neighboring state languages. The Marathi spoken in Nagpur has a different twist to it as compared to Marathi spoken in Pune and Western Maharashtra.

Important Types of Commerce in Nagpur

List of top companies in Nagpur, MNC Companies in Nagpur, Private Limited Companies in Nagpur, and Public Limited. Connect with Key Executives. Industry: Petroleum, Oil, Gas, Refineries, Machinery & Equipment.

Language Services US and others will provide working with Nagpur

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