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Mogadishu, locally known as Xamar or Hamar, is the capital and most populous city of Somalia. Located in the coastal Banadir region on the Somali Sea, the city has served as an important port for millennia. The original inhabitants are known as reer xamar. As of 2017, it had a population of 2,425,000 residents. Somalia flag Strategically located on the Horn of Africa, Mogadishu is the capital for the Federal Republic of Somalia. The East African city possesses the nation’s largest harbor, which serves as a major Somali seaport along the Indian Ocean coastline.

Historical, Cultural facts & Religion

By 1871 the Sultan of Zanzibar gained control of Mogadishu and leased the city’s port to the Italians in 1892. In 1905 the Italians bought the port city, making it the capital of Italian Somaliland. Mogadishu, with a population of 94,000 became the capital of independent Somalia in 1960. Arabs introduced the Islamic faith to Africa beginning in the seventh century. By the tenth century, Arab trading posts thrived in southern Somalia, along the Indian Ocean. These included Mogadishu, established as the first Arab settlement in East Africa. Most Somalis converted to Islam by about 1100. Islam is the official state religion of Somalia and the vast majority of the Somali population identifies as Muslim. Most belong to the Sunni branch of Islam and the Shafi’i school of Islamic jurisprudence.

Brief City  History

Mogadishu, Somali Muqdisho, Italian Mogadiscio, Arabic Maqdishu, capital, largest city, and a major port of Somalia, located just north of the Equator on the Indian Ocean. One of the earliest Arab settlements on the East African coast, its origins date to the 10th century. It declined in the 16th century after a period of extensive trade with the Arab states, but it had commercial relations with the Portuguese and the imams of Muscat before coming under the control of the sultan of Zanzibar in 1871. The port was leased to the Italians in 1892 and sold to them in 1905 under pressure from the British, who had established a protectorate over the Sultanate of Zanzibar. Subsequently the capital of Italian Somaliland and of the Somalia trust territory, Mogadishu became the capital of independent Somalia in 1960. Old buildings and mosques in the Islamic style were blended harmoniously with the modern architecture of the Somalia National University (founded 1954; university status, 1959) and of the hospital. The city also developed schools of Islamic law, teacher training, industrial arts, public health, and veterinary science and became the seat of the National Museum (housed in the former palace of the sultan of Zanzibar). Mogadishu’s port was extended in the late 1960s. There is an international airport 5 miles (8 km) west of Mogadishu. During the 1980s and ’90s, civil war in Somalia caused widespread destruction in the city, and Mogadishu remained the site of fierce fighting among warring clans into the 21st century. Islamic militias gained control of Mogadishu in 2006, and although hailed by some for restoring order to the city, they were also criticized for their harsh rule. Pop. (2005 est.) urban agglom, 1,320,000.

Language (s) Written & Spoken

Somali and Arabic are the two official languages spoken in Somalia.

Important Types of Commerce in Mogadishu.

Agriculture is the most important economic sector. It accounts for about 65% of the GDP and employs 65% of the workforce. Livestock contributes about 40% to GDP and more than 50% of export earnings. Other principal exports include fish, charcoal and bananas; sugar, sorghum and corn are products for the domestic market.

Language Services US and others will provide working with Mogadishu.

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