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American Language Services (AML-Global) understands the importance of working in the Cebuano language. For over a Quarter of a Century, American Language Services has worked with the Cebuano language as well as hundreds of others from around the world. We offer comprehensive language services 24 hours, 7 days a week worldwide by providing Cebuano interpreting, translation and transcriptions services along with hundreds of other languages and dialects. Our linguists are native speakers and writers who are screened, credentialed, certified, field tested and experienced in a number of specific industry settings. The Cebuano language is unique and has very specific origins and characteristics.

Cebuano as an Important Language to The Philippines

Cebuano is an Austronesia language spoken in the Philippines by about 20 million people. Native Cebuano speakers constitute about one-fourth of the population of the Philippines and as such comprise the largest linguistic and cultural group in the country. Despite its spoken frequency, Cebuano is little used as a literary language, although newspapers and films both use the language. Although Cebuano is spoken by such a large percent of the Philippine population, it is not considered the official language.

The Philippines as a Global Melting Pot of Cultures and Politics

Cebuano is spoken primarily in the Philippines, a Republic with a deep Indochina history and occupation by France. A former colony of Spain and the United States, the Philippines is one of two predominantly Roman Catholic countries in Asia, the other being East Timor. There are also a number of minority religious groups, including Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism. Multiple ethnicities and cultures are found throughout the islands. Ecologically, the Philippines are one of the most diverse countries in the world. Just as diverse as the population is the government and politics of the Philippines. It uses a presidential, unitary form of government where the President functions as both head of state and head of government. Similar to the United States, the President serves a six-year term (not to be confused with United States four year terms) and is appointed by popular vote. Philippine culture is a mixture of Eastern and Western culture. The Hispanic influences in Philippine culture are derived from the culture of Spain and Mexico. The Latin influence is prevalent among all aspects of Philippine culture such as literature, music, dance, food and art.

The Technical Aspects of Cebuano Language

Cebuano is a language with the Verb Subject Object sentence order, in which the first term in the sentence is the term given emphasis. The nga connector with their order arbitrary joins nouns and adjectives as long as the nga connector is in between them. Accents are used prolifically in the Cebuano language as a distinguisher of words. Unlike English or Spanish, Cebuano is an ergative-absolutive language, meaning it is often spoken in a passive voice.

Who are You Going to Trust with Your Vital Cebuano Language Needs?

The Cebuano language is an important language worldwide. It is vital to understand the general nature and specific idiosyncrasies of Cebuano. Since 1985, AML-Global has provided outstanding Cebuano interpreters, translators and transcriptionsts worldwide.


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