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Understanding the Akan Language & Providing Professional Akan Interpreters, Translators and Transcriptionists

American Language Services  (AML-Global) understands the importance of working in the Akan language. For over a Quarter of a Century, American Language Services ‘ has worked with the Akan Language as well as hundreds of others from around the world. We offer comprehensive language services 24 hours, 7 days a week worldwide by providing Akan interpreting, translation and transcriptions services along with hundreds of other languages and dialects. Our linguists are native speakers and writers who are screened, credentialed, certified, field tested and experienced in a number of specific industry settings. The Akan language is unique and has very specific origins and characteristics.

Ghana, The Friendliest Place in Africa

Known as one of the friendliest places in Africa, Ghana borders the Ivory Coast in the western part of the continent. This land of sunshine has a deep history ranging back to the Portuguese in the early 15th century, then as a British colony and finally achieving independence from the United Kingdom in 1957. Ghana is filled with activities to do ranging from boating down the might Volta River, to safari excursions in the Nini Suhien National Park. The ancient dance and traditions of Ghana natives are a sight to see, and are sure to entertain even the best traveled.

Akan in Ghana

Akan refers to a cluster of dialects and languages within the Kwa branch of the Niger-Congo family and is the language group spoken by Ghana natives and those of the eastern Cote d’Ivoire. The language came from escaped slaves of South America and Jamaica and the descendents of these slaves still use this language today. It’s important to note that Akan is one of seven main dialects used in Ghana, but it’s the most widely used of any. Like all Akan dialects, the language involves an extensive use of palatalisation, vowel harmony, and tone terracing when practicing speech.

Style of Akan

The Bureau of Ghana Languages has compiled a unified orthography of over 20,000 words and Akan uses the adrinkra symbols stemming from old ideograms. The written language of Akan uses many Latin characters as well as a healthy dose of Spanish influence.

Who Are You Going to Trust With Your Vital Akan Language Needs’

The Akan language is an important language worldwide. It is vital to understand the general nature and specific idiosyncrasies of Akan.’ Since 1985 AML-Global has provided outstanding Akan interpreters, translators and transcriptionists worldwide. When you have your next project, and you need a document, website, software translated to or from Akan, if you have a deposition, trial, medical appointment or business meeting, an audio, video project, voiceover or dubbing work; whatever your needs may be, you can be completely confident that AML-Global will handle your project, efficiently, promptly and cost effectively. ”


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