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Since its inception, American Language Services (ALS) has been very active in the academic community in the local and national arena. As our population continues to diversify educational institutions, corporations and associations who service the public are increasingly facing challenging issues. The industries that service the academic community are also experiencing growth at an ever increasing rate. Overcoming communication issues is a fundamental element in any successful educational endeavor and ALS has a full range of language services to meet these challenges.

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What are your communication goals? Every company has specific objectives in mind. Our goal is to ensure that your goals are met. We will work with you in the time frame you require to achieve the success you desire.

Interpreting Services in the Educational Arena

ALS interpreters have years of experience in educational work and are expertly trained in the areas of academic conferences, parent conferences, community outreach meetings, school board meetings, symposiums, and plenary sessions. Our immense database of expert linguists provides top quality local service to all areas of the country and the world in every language. Our native speaking specialists have worked in almost every academic venue and are comfortable performing in these types of settings.

Translation Services in the Educational Arena

ALS document translation teams supply material for essentially every type of academic environment. ALS translators complete countless IEP’s for school districts around the nation, as well as announcements, process papers and complicated thesis work in a wide range of subject matter. The highly experienced translators and editors at ALS cover a wide array of educational topics and our staff is comprised of experienced experts in many fields. The ALS desktop publishing unit has the most up to date technology and can format documents in every language with expert precision.

Responsible Language Solutions for the Academic Community

Dina Spevack, Director of ALS, originally founded the company as a language school and has deep ties to the academic community. Ms. Spevack’s many years of grass roots experience in the educational field as an educator and administrator have been passed on to an expert staff who understands the countless variables that arise on a day to day basis in the academic arena. Corporations and Institutions have discovered that outsourcing language needs to professionals is a cost and time effective method for communicating their vital message.


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