Samoa, officially the Independent State of Samoa and, until 4 July 1997, known as Western Samoa, is a country consisting of two main islands, Savai’i and Upolu, and four smaller islands. The capital city is Apia. The Lapita people discovered and settled the Samoan Islands around 3,500 years ago. The country of Samoa consists of the two large islands of Upolu and Savai’i and eight smaller islands located about halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand in the Polynesian region of the South Pacific Ocean. The island of Upolu is home to nearly three-quarters of Samoa’s population and its capital city of Apia.

Key Cities

Key cities in Samoa include Apia, Asau, Mulifanua, Faleula, Sisusega, Malie, Fasito’outa, Vaiusu, Afega, Solosolo, vailima.

Historical, Cultural facts & Religion

Western Samoa became the first Pacific nation to gain Independence. From 1962 to 1997, the nation was known as Western Samoa, until it dropped the title ‘Western’ from its name to become the Independent State of Samoa. Samoa celebrates its independence each June. The traditional culture of Samoa is a communal way of life-based on Fa’a Samoa, the unique socio-political culture. In Samoan culture, most activities are done together. There are 3 main parts in the Samoan culture, that is faith, family, and music. One’s family is viewed as an integral part of a person’s life.

Brief Country History

Ancient Samoan history has been revealed by artifacts and literature. Excavated Lapita pottery across the country depicts old settlements dating back in 1500 BC. Oral folk tales tell historical accounts as far back as 1000 AD. Migration is believed to have occurred in 1500 BC to 1000 AD among Polynesian settlers. Samoan Islands have been attractive to foreign empires in the past. In fact, western countries expressed their interest in claiming territorial dominance. Samoa Tripartite Convention has been instituted to resolve the erring interest in this South Pacific territory. As a result, Germany got the western portion (Upolu and Savaii) later known as present-day Samoa while the United States got the eastern portion (Tutuila and Manu’a) later known as American Samoa. The colonial history of Samoa is attributed to the invasion waged by Germany and New Zealand. Germans peacefully held the protectorate until the rise of Mau movement in 1908. In turn, the opposition led to the horrible exile in Saipan which resulted to many deaths. In 1914, New Zealand successfully commenced its conquering efforts. Shortly after, the territory was officially awarded to New Zealand through the Treaty of Versailles in 1919. Liberation has been vested on January 1, 1962 for Western Samoa. This was historical for it became the pioneer Polynesian nation which was declared independent in the 20th century. Then, the independent State which was used to be referred to as “Western Samoa” assumed the country name “Samoa” by virtue of the 1997 Constitutional amendment though Eastern Samoa protested to express its disfavor.

Language (s) Written & Spoken

Samoan is the language spoken in the Samoan Islands which is made up of the Independent State of Samoa and American Samoa. Samoan is the official language of these islands together with English. Samoan is the oldest and most spoken language of the Polynesian family with a total of 510,000 speakers worldwide.

Important Types of Commerce in Samoa

Its main imports are food and beverages, industrial supplies, and fuels. The primary sector (agriculture, forestry, and fishing) employs nearly two-thirds of the labor force and produces 17% of GDP. Samoa’s principal exports are coconut products and fish.

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