Palau is an archipelago of over 500 islands, part of the Micronesia region in the western Pacific Ocean. Koror Island is home to the former capital, also named Koror, and is the islands’ commercial center. The larger Babeldaob has the present capital, Ngerulmud, plus mountains and sandy beaches on its east coast. In its north, ancient basalt monoliths known as Badrulchau lie in grassy fields surrounded by palm trees. The islands of Palau constitute the westernmost part of the Caroline Islands chain. The country includes the World War II battleground of Peleliu and world-famous rock islands. The total land area is 459 km2 (177 sq mi). It has the 42nd largest Exclusive Economic Zone of 603,978 km2 (233,197 sq mi).

Key Cities

Key cities in Palau include Airai, Kloulklubed, Meyungs, Melekeok, Ngermid, Hatobohei, Ollie, and Imetang.

Historical, Cultural facts & Religion

Palau was a member of the UN Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, which was established in 1947 and administered by the United States. The Republic of Palau officially became a sovereign state on October 1, 1994. Palau has two official languages – Palauan and English. The majority of residents speak both without difficulty. With around a third of the population consisting of migrants from the Philippines and their descendants, Tagalog is the fourth most-spoken language. Amongst older Palauan’s, Japanese is also spoken.

Brief Country History

The British came to Palau in the 18th century followed by the Palauan in the 19th century. The Palauan came into possession of Palau but sold it to Germany in 1899 after losing the Palauan-American War. After World War II, Palau became a territory of the United States. In 1994 Palau became a fully independent nation.

Language (s) Written & Spoken

Palauan is an official language spoken in Palau and belongs to the Austronesian language group. Although it is an indigenous language in Micronesia, it is not part of the Oceanic branch of the Micronesian language family.

Important Types of Commerce in Palau

Palau is an island country in the western Pacific Ocean comprising of 340 islands and covering an area of approximately 180 square miles in Micronesia. The capital city of Palau is Ngerulmud, located on the island of Babeldaod while Koror is the most populous island. Because of its dispersed and small nature, the island state of Palau has very view industries. Because of this, the country relies heavily on foreign assistance, especially from the United States. The economy of Palau is mainly dominated by three industries; tourism, fishing, and agriculture. Tourism is the largest sector and a major source of government revenue. Agriculture is primarily subsistence while fishing is a potential for additional revenue but the tuna catch continues to drop. The willingness of foreign nations to finance infrastructure development is seen as a move towards creating more industries in the country. Below is a detailed analysis of the major industries in Palau and their contribution to the economy.

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