October 2019: National Pizza Month

The time has come to wrap yourself in the warm, gooey embrace of cheese, settle into a heavenly array of toppings, and chomp down on some comforting crust. That’s right. October is National Pizza Month. People don’t really need a special month for pizza in a country where there are an estimated 63,000 pizzerias and 94% of Americans eat pizza at least once a month. At American Language Services we celebrated it by having a pizza party — even though we’re sure most of us celebrate privately at least once a week.

Birthdays of Well-known Individuals in October

  1. ELEANOR ROOSEVELT: OCTOBER 11, 1884 – She was the wife of one president and the niece of another, but Eleanor Roosevelt left a lasting mark on history with her own accomplishments. She championed racial equality and women’s rights, and was an advocate for war refugees and children.
  2. MOLLY PITCHER: OCTOBER 13, 1754 – “Molly Pitcher” is a moniker used for an unidentified woman—or possibly several women—who aided soldiers during the American Revolution.
  3. BELA LUGOSI: OCTOBER 20, 1882 – The Hungarian actor is best remembered for his indelible portrayal of Count Dracula in the 1931 film, but when he made his Broadway debut in 1922, he barely spoke a word of English.
  4. MAHALIA JACKSON: OCTOBER 26, 1911 – The “Queen of Gospel” began singing when she was just four years old, at the Mount Moriah Baptist Church in New Orleans.

Timely Tips to remember when writing for translation

  • Keep sentences brief.
  • Use Standard English word order whenever possible.
  • Avoid long noun strings.
  • Use just one term to identify a single concept.
  • Be clear with international dates.
  • Use the active voice rather than the passive.
  • Use relative pronouns like “that” and “which.”

Highlights of some Interesting Interpreting & Translation Projects Completed in October

Recently, AML-Global translated a 60,000+ word financial document for the Santa Monica Malibu School District from English to Spanish. We also translated multiple Employee related documents into French Canadian for the Canadian subsidiaries of one the largest food manufacturers in the US. In addition, we translated the family guide manual into Spanish for Rady’s Children’s Hospital in San Diego. Moreover, we also translated large international legal documents into German and Simplified Chinese for a Top 100 Law Firm.

Furthermore, we also transcribed and Certified Korean interviews into English text for a Legal Case. On the top of that we completed several interpreting projects. We supplied ASL interpreting and CART Services for the second month in a row for a one-week WIPA training. This one was in San Diego for Virginia Commonwealth University. We also provided ASL Interpreting services around the country for the country’s major medical device manufacturer as well as for weight watchers, The Hair Club and Healthcare for the Homeless. In addition, we also provided Japanese Interpreting services for two days for automotive focus groups for a world leading car manufacturer. Furthermore, we successfully executed a 2-day Spanish conference in Las Vegas requiring Spanish interpreting, 2,000 headsets & receivers, full booths and multiple technicians for a major meeting planning agency. Moreover, we provided full booths, 100 headsets & receivers and technical support personnel for a 2-day Amazon conference in Nashville Tennessee.

As a key player in language industry, American Language Services commits to provide you with the most exceptional and professional services. AML-Global stands the test of time in providing translation, interpretation, transcription and media services to private industry, government at all levels, educational and non-profit organizations. Our thousands of linguists around the world and teams of dedicated professionals are ready to serve.

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