Top 6 equipment rentals for a high-quality multilingual conference.

Headset and receivers

On a regular conference set-up, each audience member has a headset with which they listen to the live translation coming from the interpreters. The headset is often combined with a receiver to receive the signal from the microphone and convert it into sounds.

Beside the normal receivers and headset, American Language Services also provides ‘Digi-Wave Wireless Intercom System’. This system is a simultaneous, two-way, wireless team-teaching system that has many applications for two or more speakers to combine skills as a team. Its two way capabilities can facilitate open conversation with the push of a button.


A transmitter is electronic equipment that will broadcast a speaker’s voice, transferring it into audio signal that will be received by headsets. Our transmitter is particularly useful for providing hearing assistance to students in the classroom, employee training, tour group participants, business meetings and more.


Booths are needed to eliminate the sound of the interpreter’s voice from interfering with the speaker and audience. For simultaneous interpretation, it is recommended to have 1 booth per language. At American Languages Services, we provide you with two possibilities:

  • Table Top Sound Reduction Booth: fully enclosed on 3 sides. The interpreter sits behind the main front area in the booth and receives the feed from the speaker and transmits into the audience’s headsets. The Table Top Sound Reductions Booth is a cost effective and great way to reduce virtually all noise and distractions.
  • Fully Encapsulated Booths & Transmission Equipment: fully enclosed and is the most effective way to remove noise and interference from and to the interpreters and the audience. The interpreter sits inside the booth and receives the feed from the speaker and transmits into the audience’s headsets.

Our booths conform to ISO standard and can fit discreetly into most venues.

Recording equipment

A recorder is necessary when the content of the meeting is critical and must be saved. People forget key information that was said during the conference. More importantly, if there is any concern that important information may have been misunderstood during the meeting, it is recommended to store the interpretation for future reference.


A technician is an onsite expert who handles set up. During the conference, the technician supervises the system to ensure everything runs smoothly and the speech is transferred in a clear and natural way.

Our on-site professional Technicians have years of training and considerable knowledge in a wide array of audio equipment. Our technician team is widespread and covers almost all locations around the country. Wherever you are, we are able to assist you in all of your needs.

As a key player in the language industry, American Language Services commits to provide you with the most exceptional and professional services. American Language Services stands the test of time in providing voice over, translation, interpretation, transcription and media services to private industry, government at all levels, and educational and non-profit organizations. Our thousands of linguists around the world and teams of dedicated professionals are ready to serve.

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