International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day, which is held on March 8 each year, celebrates women’s achievements throughout the world. Its purpose is to promote women’s equality, encourage support for repressed women and promote appreciation toward women everywhere. Many organizations use this day to also celebrate extraordinary achievements of ordinary women.
International Women’s Day was initially promoted by the Socialist Party of America. In 1909 they designated this day in remembrance of a major strike by the International Ladies’ Garment Workers Union. The holiday is now recognized internationally and is an Official National Holiday for many countries, including: China, Russia and Ukraine.

At American Language Services (AML-Global), as with many other companies, women are helping to transform the future of multilingual communications. In honor of International Women’s Day, we are paying tribute to women working with us to empower people, business and society. American Language Services have been operating for over 30 years and women have contributed greatly to our success. In fact, our company founder and director is Ms. Dina Spevack who is an internationally known business woman and effective leader in the language industry. She has led our company to where we are today, one of the largest most successful LSP in the U.S. AML-Global, as a corporation, is proud to be certified as a Women Business Enterprise (WBE) which means a woman (or women) has majority ownership and control of a business entity.

Some of the world’s greatest speakers and lecturers are women. It doesn’t matter how entertaining your keynote speaker is, or how accurate your scientific presentations are, if you don’t speak the same language as your audience you have a big problem. Our interpreters, who are skilled native speakers and interpret in over 200 languages, are carefully selected to have the specialized knowledge needed for each event. We seek out interpreters who are not only familiar with your audience’s dialect, but also who understand the subject being interpreted. Conference interpreting in Spanish, French, Korean, Mandarin, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian and many other languages requires a lot more than just being bilingual.

Our interpreters are highly skilled, experienced and proficient and work regularly at Conferences, Symposiums, Trade Shows, Business Meetings and many other types of events. This month alone AML-Global provided interpreting services to the Korea Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy for the subject of “(Korea- Central America) Free Trade Agreements Negotiations” which happened in San Francisco, CA. For this project they needed Spanish interpreter for 4 days, 9 hours each day. They were delighted by the services offered.

On March 15th, we had the opportunity to work with one the world leaders in automotive manufacturing. We provided 2 skilled Mandarin interpreters for an important event in Thermal, California. We also provided them with equipment such as Headsets and receivers, booths and on-site technicians for technical support. It is essential for us to select the most qualified professionals and the most efficient equipment for all kind of projects, either major or minor.

Nowadays, all the powerful car makers are open to key global markets. However the car industry is facing pressure from both their international regulators and the public opinion. What’s more, investing in the global market requires an effort to reach a target market, by adapting to cultural considerations and most important to language. This is why American Language Services, provides car makers and dealers with expertly adapted translation and interpretation services.

Another example that also turned out very well this month, was an interpretation project completed by our team for a renowned digital company regarding the release of a new version of a popular action video game for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. We furnished them with French interpreters as well as two sound reduction booths, delivery and an on-site technician.

AML-Global gives you total piece of mind when using our services. The Interpreting Department is supported by the latest technology along with an experienced team of linguists and project managers Our aim is to be the best Translation, Interpretation and Transcription Company by providing you with the most cost effective services available.

American Language Services stands the test of time in providing voice over, translation, interpretation, transcription and media services to private industry, government at all levels, and educational and non-profit organizations. Our thousands of linguists around the world and teams of dedicated professionals are ready to serve.

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