Presidents Day

Presidents’ Day is celebrated the third Monday in February, originally established in 1885. It has evolved as a tribute to George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Statesmen of their caliber are in short supply as is evident in this presidential political season. Up until recent history, some states honored both Washington, who was born Feb. 22, and Abraham Lincoln, who was born Feb. 12. Other states honor Washington and Thomas Jefferson, but not Lincoln, on this holiday and some states honor all the presidents. In 1968, President’s Day was made an official federal holiday honoring our founding fathers and Abraham Lincoln, who were born in February. This also served the purpose of giving federal and other employees a long weekend to celebrate with family and friends and reflect on being an American.
Even businesses get involved in the celebration by offering special deals and sales the weekend of President’s Day. At American Language there was a lot going on, we had an impressive number of projects. We will be sharing our experience on some of the projects. To start with, we completed a translation project this month form Tucker Ellis which is a full service law firm with more than 190 lawyers practicing nationwide. The project was translation of a legal document from Russian to English and we completed the project maintaining high standard of quality. In addition to that, certification of the document was also taken care. Another translation project was from AMECO which is the world’s leader in integrated mobile equipment and tool solutions. They provide a wide range of services to construction, mining, government and industrial markets across the globe. We translated ‘3M Mexico PPE’ document from English to Spanish, the document was regarding hearing protection.

Being a full service language provider encompasses many things. We are an authorized William Sound dealer and sell specialized interpreting equipment to businesses that use it for their conferences, training seminars, and events. Is it better to buy equipment or rent? AML Global does both on a regular basis. Companies often evaluate their overall costs in renting versus possible purchasing and decide which works better. If you are using your equipment most working days in the foreseeable future, and you have the storage space for it and capacity to keep it maintained, owning may be cheaper in the long-run. A recent example of it was American Language Services had to sell interpreting equipment to Seventh Day Adventist Church. The equipment sold were Headset & Receivers, Potable transmitters + headset and William Sound Case.

As the nation becomes more diverse, demand for good interpreters, skilled at supporting specific industries is rapidly growing. At American Language Service we continue to provide unparalleled interpreting service. Recently we provided our interpreting services to Marine Software for a Japanese Executive meeting. After we completed the job we heard back from them with feedback that we performed nothing short of amazing.

At AML-Global we have among the largest proprietary database of linguists in the United States. We have highly skilled and exceptional interpreters who do a great job in a myriad of languages and different types of assignments. Another Interpreting assignment we recently completed was for Hill International on the subject ‘World of Concrete 2016’ at the Las Vegas Convention Center, it was in French language. World of Concrete is the industry’s only annual international event dedicated to the commercial concrete and masonry industries. It is meant to jumpstarts each New Year by supplying everyone with the latest innovations, expert know-how and best new products to finish the work faster, better and more profitably. No matter how big the event may be, we got you covered! We specifically tailor our services to fit your location and situation. With a database of native speakers, we are ready to meet your needs. Our interpreting services are not limited to conferences and business meetings. We can provide interpretation equipment for all events, no matter the size ‘ from intimate business dinners, focus groups, small meetings, training sessions and tours to name some.

American Language Services is a proud provider of translation, interpretation, transcription and media services to private industry, government at all levels, and educational and non-profit organizations. Our thousands of linguists around the world and teams of dedicated professionals are ready to serve.

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