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Can you believe it is already approaching the end of the year? It seems December has sneaked up on us way to fast! This is a time of year that people are doing a lot of searching online. They are looking for the perfect gift, fun activities and traditions for their family, scrumptious dinner recipes, and fun party ideas. On the business front, December is a busy time for many companies.

Most forward-thinking companies understand the value of expanding and trying to reach into international markets. Future profits will likely depend on global buyers. Expanding your brand against the competition means making a global impact by hitting key markets hard to make a direct impression. ‘American Language Services proudly partners with many companies to make their strategic plans become a reality. We provide whatever is needed to translate and localize their documents for international markets.’ Examples of this are for marketing materials, sales sheets, product specs, training documents, IFU’s, compliance & regulatory documents, web sites, to name just some.

AML-Global has recently completed a project with Ortho Kinematics, a diagnostic technology company focused on spine imaging informatics. It was a translation project for English into French, German, Italian & Russian regarding ‘Users manuals 1rJ & 3rH’. The translation service provided by American Language Services exclusively run by native speaking humans, not machines! For those in search of the best of the best Medical Translation Services provider, the list begins and ends with American Language Services an ISO Certified 13485 company.

AML-Global also offers expedited services to accommodate tight deadline of our clients. We understand the fast pace of business and we are here to be your partner in achieving success at any time of the day, any day of the week. We understand the importance of client’s needs to get documents back accurately and fast.’ We make it fast and easy to get your content professionally translated. A recent example of this was a project accomplished by our team on translating a document from English to Arabic for a well-known real estate company Keller Williams. The project was about 17,000 words and we needed to turn this around, as a 2-day expedite, to meet a very strict closing deadline. We did just that and were instrumental in helping our client close another important deal.

American Language Services multilingual DTP team has extensive technological expertise as well as solid typographical experience in character and alphabet languages. Recently a project was completed for the organization Citizens of Humanity; it was a celebrity interview for a magazine in Japanese. They were very impressed by the exceptional quality and fast turnaround time of work provided by our company.

Translating eLearning materials is a rapidly growing segment of our business.’ We work with many companies who do eLearning through, webinars, on their Web sites, or with various written material. ‘The education and training departments of many of today’s leading companies turn to American Language Services for unparalleled expertise in the localization of eLearning material. A recent example of this is a project done by AML-Global for The Anvil Group in providing translation and Media services in multiple languages like Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, French, among others. In addition to providing written text translation, we also provided script localization and voiceovers in ”those languages at a very cost competitive price. ‘Additionally, we merged the output into the correct eLearning format for each language.

American Language Services is a proud provider of voice over, translation, interpretation, transcription and media services to private industry, government at all levels, and educational and non-profit organizations. Our thousands of linguists around the world and teams of dedicated professionals are ready to serve.

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