Selling medical equipment? Take a moment to think about languages

Imagine, for a moment, that you have just shipped an order of brand new sophisticated medical equipment to a hospital in India, or China, or Dubai. They, like other countries the world over which import medical devices, have invested in your state-of-the-art equipment.

Just one small problem: how does it all work? Without the instructions, the user manuals, the training materials, and the hundreds of pages of documentation, the product you shipped is an extremely expensive paperweight. It was designed by your leading medical engineers and scientists, but none of them write in Hindi. Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese or Arabic
In fact, you will quickly realize that your product requires a whole host of unforeseen steps before it finds its place in a foreign market: translation localization of sales guides for distribution channels, materials translated for regulatory and compliance requirements, patient ease-of-use guides and many more.

That’s where the professional medical device translators at American Language Services step in. It’s not an easy job. A medical device translator requires absolute fluency in both source and target language, and a professional knowledge with both medical and engineering terminology in order to produce translations that can be counted on when lives are on the line.

With over 30 years of industry experience, American Language Services has a deep respect for the importance of this work and employ only the most experienced, certified, and professional translators for our medical device translations. You have invested far too much time and resources into developing your equipment to deliver it with a poorly translated documentation.

Our client list speaks for itself. A few of the clients we have recently completed work for are listed below:

Innovative Medical Devices

Karl Storz Endoscope


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