American Language Services (AML-Global) – June Summary

From federal lawmen and Chinese business leaders to nurses and teachers, American Language Services continues to make good on our promise of providing accurate translation and interpretation services to the great array of customers we serve ‘ from national governments to non-profits, and from Fortune 500 corporations to public schools.

In June, American Language Service linguists were in Los Angeles to provide Mandarin language translation services to the Hong Kong Trade Development Association. The HKTDC has offices in more than 40 major centers around the world and called on us as they were hosting an event in L.A. The association is an international network that identifies market opportunities, organizes promotional activities, cultivates business contacts and offers fresh market intelligence. So it was imperative that their invited guests hear HKTDC’s message that was loud and clear.

Many international and domestic associations rely on American Language services to provide them with consistently high-quality translation and interpretation services that are accurate and timely. Our clients include the Association of Postal Workers Union (APWU), the American Farm Bureau, Council of Restaurant & Hotel Trainers, California Motors Car Dealers Association, Society of Human Resources, the National Education Association and even the United States Potato Board!

Speaking of associations, also this month our interpretation services were needed in San Francisco by the California Nurses Association, a group that’s 80,000 strong. We were there interpreting Spanish and Portuguese. But those weren’t the only languages we translated or interpreted in June. We also worked with French, Cambodian, Spanish, Vietnamese, Polish, Arabic and Romanian ‘ all in one month!

American Language Services is based in California and we’re happy that many of our clients are, too. We’ve been serving the Golden State since 1985, and we’re very proud of our California customers who trust us for their translation, interpretation, transcription and media services (dubbing, voice over and subtitling) needs. Our Golden State clients include Pub Mobile, Gehry Partners, the California Department of Education and the U.S. Attorney’s Office, just to name a few.

June was busy as ever as we continued to work on making the world a little smaller.

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