Business Abroad: AML-Global Translating Proposals for Business Overseas

In the highly competitive international business proposal environment, the goal of any translation job, no matter the size, scope, or number of languages, is always the same; to assist our clients to win customers in a global marketplace. Companies do their best to reach out to international customers if they want to increase their overall business. This is especially urgent when the domestic US economy is soft. But sometimes, these companies don’t have to reach out. In some cases, international customers will come to them, and these businesses need to be prepared when these requests come in. Recently, three companies came to American Language Services in order to best meet their customers’ needs.

Over the last month alone, AML-Global has translated three large complicated proposals with different clients of ours located in the US. We assisted these clients in winning a huge amount of business in the multimillions of dollars. What all of these proposals have in common is that each of the companies is reaching out to International markets to sell their products and services. All of these proposals are different in size, style, and subject matter, but AML-Global has demonstrated its capability, quality, and timeliness in localizing these bids.

Two companies, in particular, are finding new business in South America. HOK, one of the world’s most successful architecture firms, recently received a solicitation to design a hospital in Santiago, Chile. Because the RFP Is in Spanish, they requested that AML-Global translate this request, as well as help localize a response for this client. Similarly, a world-leading firm in the research and development of nuclear technology is expanding to new markets to South America. We are not able to name this company because of confidentiality reasons. They reached out to AML-Global for the translation of RFPs from Spanish into English, as well translating the company’s responses from English into Spanish.

And South America isn’t the only place where AML-Global is helping businesses expand. AML-Global works in over 200 written languages and has completed proposals in dozens of them. 3M Cogent is also gearing up to sell its line of LiveScan products in Quebec, and they tasked AML-Global with translating all of their online sales material into French Canadian. Although this project features the entire scope of their scanning software, AML-Global has been very effective in translating & localizing 3MCogent materials so they can expand its market reach to Canada and other areas around the world.


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