Hewlett-Packards Discover Draws International Audience

ALS Was On Hand to Provide Interpretation Services for a Top Technology Industry Event in Las Vegas Attended by Thousands

Members of just about every industry group in the world are likely to attend conferences and other kinds of industry meetings to stay in touch with current business trends, and also to meet new people in their industries and to strengthen ties with those who they are already acquainted. When top technology firms look for conference interpreters, they come to American Language Services to provide the best in language services.

AML-Global was brought on board to provide language interpretation at Hewlett-Packard’s recent conference that was attended by thousands from all over the world. At HP Discover 2012 at the Venetian in Las Vegas, attendees learned how Converged Cloud, Information Optimization, Security, and Risk Management will shape the next decade of IT. Obviously, the level of discussion was quite technical in nature, and those attending the event were all highly knowledgeable about the subject matter, such as cloud computing, that was being discussed.

So, it was of the greatest importance that the interpreters charged with channeling the vast quantities of complex information to attendees in their native languages would be expert in their linguistic skills, and also highly familiar with the technology being discussed. After all, without a good sense of the topics being discussed it would be easy to misunderstand the information being conveyed, and in turn the interpreter might communicate an inaccurate or unclear representation of what the speaker using English were saying.

During the course of the conference, American Language Services provided two Korean interpreters, two Japanese interpreters and two Mandarin interpreters. Interpreters typically work in pairs when assignments are longer than two hours in duration because that allows the interpreters to switch off and rest between demanding sessions of language interpretation. The AML-Global interpreters came through for the conference goers and provided flawless interpretation services.

Sometimes interpretation work requires more than just the skilled linguists who can ably communicate the thoughts and ideas being expressed in the source language and communicate the content and tone of the speech. In conference-type settings interpreters may need specialized equipment in order to provide the optimal experience for conference attendees who are in need of language interpretation, and also for those who do not require those services. That means isolating the translator from the conference attendees AML-Global was on hand to provide interpretation services for a top technology industry so that spectators will not be distracted by the interpreter’s speech while speakers are addressing the audience.

In conference-type meeting the interpreter will sit in an isolation booth, which prevents the sound of the translator’s voice from leaking into the audience and distracting audience members who are listening to the onstage speaker. The interpreter can hear the speaker’s words, but the interpreted language is transmitted to foreign language speaking audience members via radio signals, and the signal is picked up by specialized headsets that receive the message and allow those audience members to hear the interpreter’s words without interrupting the flow of the speaker’s presentation.

To help facilitate the interpretation services, American Language Services provided three encapsulated sound booths capable of isolating the interpreters from the audience, yet allowing them to hear the speaker. Along with the sound booths, AML-Global also provided 25 HED 021 – Deluxe Folding Headsets & 8-Channel WB 3V Receiver, as well as a technician to ensure that all of the equipment functioned properly at all times.

AML-Global maintains its own supply of highly professional transmission equipment, which is stored in locations around the country, which allows us to provide fully equipped, on-the-spot interpretations services. Our strategically located storehouses of equipment also help cut down delivery time and shipping costs.

American Language Services, in addition to performing language and American Sign Language interpreting, also performs language translation services, transcription services, dubbing services, voiceover services and graphic design services. The principal mission of American Language Services is to provide the highest quality language expertise to our valued clients around the world. We believe that by helping bridge the communication gap between individuals, companies, governments, cultures, races and religions around the globe, we can help make the world a little smaller and enhance the overall quality of life.

American language services, in addition to performing language and American Sign Language interpreting, also performs language translation services, transcription services, dubbing services, voiceover services and graphic design services.


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