Wynn Resort Puts AML-Global into Action at Investor Meetings

AML-Global Helps Eliminate Language Barriers, Provides Channels for Free Communication among Business People from All Corners of the Globe

When Steve Wynn, chairman and CEO of Wynn Resorts, needed to provide language interpretation services at a major business conference, he turned to American Language Services to provide conference interpretation.

AML-Global provided two Japanese interpreters for a series of meetings with Wynn Resorts business people from Japan.AML-Global interpreters provided excellent-quality live language interpretation that offered a communication bridge between people who do not have a common language, yet maintain strong business ties with each other. In today’s global economy it is ever so important for businesses to establish and maintain strong ties with partners and customers all over the world. In order to do that, companies must establish and use to their best advantage the communication tools that are available to them.

Today’s business people are well aware of the fact that in-person meetings with those associated with your company are essential for building and maintaining strong relationships. To help facilitate that kind of business relationship building it’s important to maintain a regular schedule of meetings that will allow all stakeholders in your firm to freely exchange information and ideas, to express opinions and to ask questions.

An experienced, skilled language services provider can facilitate all of your business meeting and conference needs, and help you connect with business partners from around the world regardless of what languages they might speak. American Language Services can interpret more than 200 languages, so almost any language being spoken today can be interpreted for English speaking meeting or conference goers. American Language Services regularly performs Japanese interpreting, Korean interpreting, Thai interpreting, Chinese interpreting and Vietnamese interpreting. In fact, there are few languages currently spoken anywhere in the world for which American Language Services cannot provide top-quality interpretation and translation services.

AML-Global understands the needs of companies that work in the international business arena. We have an experienced and helpful team that is available to answer all of your foreign language needs when, where, and for as long as you require. We also serve as a facilitator between languages, cultures, customs and ethnic backgrounds.


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