Rockwell Collins: Foreign Language Voiceover Needs for Training

As discussed in April, Rockwell Collins is one of the many international companies that contract with AML-Global for their foreign language voiceover needs. Rockwell contacted AML-Global again this month to provide voiceover work in several languages for an ethics training program. A vast majority of Rockwell’s voiceover needs pertain to online training for their employees all over the world.

As is usual for Rockwell, the voiceover language needs were requested in French, Spanish & German. The German was put on hold initially, but eventually send in for production as well. One male and one female speaker were requested per language. Once the project was formally approved by the client, our Interpreting department worked with both the voiceover talent and our voiceover studio in order to set up a time to begin recording and production. Many of the voiceover talent have previously worked on voiceover projects for Rockwell Collins, so they were already familiar with the training platform of the project. Once recording began, the engineers ensured each line was said properly to meet the client’s requirements and edited as necessary. Once recording and post production was completed, the audio files were sent to our Project Managers for additional quality checking.

The final audio files were delivered to the client on time and in the specified format. View Samples of our voiceover work.


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