Website Localization

Website Localization is Critical in Today’s Business Climate:

Localization ensures that the intent of your message is transferred accurately to the local market. The process takes into account geographic, religious, cultural and other sensitive and important factors. Outsourcing your foreign language web site needs to professional linguists has proven to be a cost effective, accurate and timely solution for thousands of corporations, organizations and institutions worldwide. American Language Services has spent years developing is own proprietary comprehensive data base of language experts. This data base allows AML-Global to select the best translators, for the internet-related media industries around the globe.

Localizing Your Website Allows You to Reach More Customers:

Having started in the United States as an English dominated medium, the Internet is rapidly changing to a more balanced mix of languages, thus creating larger worldwide audiences. In the final analysis, a multilingual website is perhaps the most cost effective method for bringing in new customers. The continually improving standards of website localization present companies with significant challenges as well as opportunities. As the global business community continues to find ways to “narrow-cast” and micro-target their marketing to specific communities, culturally correct localized web content is an increasingly critical aspect in how a company’s product, services and image are perceived.
Translation of web content takes a great deal of technical as well as cultural expertise. Centralizing your language sources is the key to consistent marketing results.

Technical Expertise and Desktop Publishing Helps Create an Effective International Message:

While culturally correct material is of utmost importance, incorrect coding and formatting can cause your target audience to get the wrong message. Formatting website information takes a high degree of technical as well as desktop publishing expertise. It is important to hire a firm who has experience working with many technical elements for example: HTML & XML, File Formats: Java, Java Script, VB, SVG and Java, Macromedia Flash & Dreamweaver and Front Page as well as GIF, Flash, Shockwave, 3d Studio Max, Alias, Direct X; and DTP tools like Adobe Acrobat, Coral Draw Framemaker, Free Hand Illustrator, InDesign Pagemaker, Photoshop Quark XPress and Smart Suite.

American Language Services (AML-Global) offer its clients solution based technologies that provide for greater efficiency and bottom line cost savings. AML-Global offers real solutions that are there to help reduce cost and increase in final quality output. In today’s ever changing, highly competitive global environment, it is essential that language companies continually implement new technology strategies to stay ahead of the competition.

AML-Global Also Has Proprietary Software for Translation and Memory Management:

This term describes a broad process ranging from incoming content delivery, to content evaluation, specialized localization, memory software, creation of glossaries, and use of our proprietary sourcing data base. Translation Memory, or TM, is a database that stores segments that have been previously translated by a linguist, not by machines or other artificial methods. A translation-memory system stores the words, phrases and paragraphs that have already been translated and aid human translators. The primary advantages of TM are that it has the ability to allow human translators to translate documents at faster pace. Translation memories are typically used in conjunction with a dedicated computer assisted translation (CAT) tool, word processing programs, terminology management systems and multilingual dictionaries.

Your Information Needs the Protection of a Secured FTP Site:

FTP is an acronym for File Transfer Protocol. With larger files or large files with a high concentration of graphics including pictures, illustrations, charts and graphs, a secured FTP is essential in getting the files to and from the client to AML-Global without unnecessary and frustrating interruptions. The AML-Global secure internet based FTP system is client friendly, easy to set up, easy to use and allows large files and graphically dense files to be uploaded and downloaded via the internet quickly and efficiently. Projects that are Web based can vary from long static HTML web pages to database-backed dynamic sites that present the results of a term search. American Language Services is experienced with all file types. We have many years of direct experience which allows us to offer a high level of project management for effective communications, general planning, overall coordination and technology expertise.

The business of software is also a people business, with strategic relationships that frequently require face to face meetings. American Language Services® do careful screening of the linguists they hire. They have a large collection of expert linguists that provides top quality local service in all areas of the country and the world. AML-Global interpreters are experienced, knowledgeable and highly effective in an international high technology environment such as a software conference presentation or investor’s seminar.

We have a vast resource base of multilingual software experts and a skilled and friendly staff to help you promptly and cost effectively fulfill your request. American Language Services ® believes in providing real value to our clients. It is essential that all of our work is performed consistently and with the highest quality. Over many years, AML-Global has accumulated and developed some of the most impressive linguistic talent in the world. Our language experts are located in hundreds of countries across every continent, covering every time zone. These highly skilled professionals are recruited, screened and tested to ensure the quality of our work is at the highest level. Please contact us for a quote or to place an order today.


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