Translation for Manufacturing Industry

Translation for Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing and engineering companies striving to lead their respective industry must think globally to excel in an increasingly competitive market. A significant number of companies in the manufacturing industry depend on AML-Global to provide multi-lingual language solutions. Highly technical translation is one of many expert services we provide.

Why Translation is essential for the Manufacturing Industry

As manufacturers with plants distributed around world over seek to drive down expenses through offshoring, they unavoidably face the challenge of connecting global operations through shared documentation. The fundamental technicalities of language used within internal communication, product/service guides, and manuals as well as toolkits, demand accurate linguistic adaptation to avoid the risk of miscommunication and misunderstanding.

Focusing on accuracy with CAT tools

It should be no surprise that the translation industry has advanced along with other industries. Today, computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools can speed the translation process while increasing accuracy, particularly when the translations are done by more than one translator.

CAT tools are valuable to the manufacturing sector as the terminology can be updated into a translation database and ensure accurate and reliable translation of the terms and phrases exactly the way you want them.

Not only are CAT tools useful for translating technical documents, they can be customized to focus on a specific type of manufacturing. In addition to new terminology, the manufacturing sector has many standardized terms and technical specifications. This strength of CAT tools bring added value to a highly technical requirement.

Choosing AML-Global as the Language Service Provider for your Manufacturing and technical translations

Choosing a qualified language services provider when so much is at stake can seem like a challenge. AML-Global follows an ISO 9001 certified quality management system and every project is matched with linguists that have in-depth relevant subject matter knowledge.

At AML-Global, we understand how increased globalization, rapid technological advances and short product lifecycles have created the need for manufacturers to rapidly and cost-efficiently obtain and update high-quality documentation.

AML-Global uses a robust CAT tool that can ensure accuracy and can also be customized to a specific type of manufacturing. The only way the sophisticated products of leading manufacturers can compete in the global marketplace is with the support of fast, accurate and reliable translations that are in strict compliance with industry standards.

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