Transcreation – Everything you need to know

Transcreation  Everything you need to know

What is Translation

Transcreation is the process of adapting a message from one language to another, while maintaining its intent, style, tone and context. Transcreation is all about translating ideas and concepts. Mostly, the source texts for transcreation tend to be marketing and advertising collateral.

Transcreation and Translation: the confusion and differences

Transcreation is a combination of translation, and creation. The word has no formal definition and has not yet been accepted by Dictionaries. Transcreation causes confusion and much debate within the translation industry even now!

The people involved in the translation and transcreation processes require different skills. They may work in different departments, different companies, or entirely different countries.

In a translation, true meaning and style must be maintained, as close to the original text as possible, with focus on readability and no deviation from the original meaning. However, transcreation can be otherwise defined as a blend of creative writing and translation. Moreover, it also adapts the intent of the original text based on cultural nuances, ensuring it will be successful internationally. We cant say the same for a standard translation as it doesnt effectively preserve the creative and emotional intent of content that allows it to best resonate in other languages and cultures.

Translation is perfectly fine for informative text, but when text includes creativity and is designed to trigger an action from the reader, transcreation is simply a better fit.

When to go with transcreation

The value of transcreation to your business becomes obvious when you glance at the Hall of Shame of companies who decided not to concern themselves with the cultural sensibilities of their target market. A simple google search will yield a ton of information about global marketing campaigns and transcreation failures.

Brands that ignore transcreation do so at great risk. If you want something that accurately represents your brand in all your target markets, then transcreation may be a consideration for your localization program. It is most valuable for high impact content.

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