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The Medical industry has been a key focus of American Language Services  (AML-Global) for many years. Our clients include hospitals, doctors, clinics, corporations as well as non profits and government agencies in the rapidly expanding and global environment of medicine. With ever increasing advancement of technology, the need for language services is a fundamental need in the medical industry. New equipment and procedures are changing daily and affect all parts of the world.

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Medical Interpreting Services

Our interpreting services cover most aspects of the medical field and include doctor appointments, medical exams, psychological evaluations, patient meetings and many others. We interpret for medical conferences, community meetings, health and product presentations across the world for governmental agencies, non profits and corporations. Our experienced staff of interpreters has knowledge in practically every aspect of the medical field and provides the highest quality service in this most exacting area.

Medical Translation Services

AML-Global translation specialists cover the full gamete of medical documentation. We work closely with hospitals as well as corporations on a wide variety of medical subjects which include patient records, in house forms, human resource documents, high tech medical device manuals and patents as well as surveys, questionnaires and medical presentations. Precise translation is paramount in the medical industry and AML-Global translators and editors produce 100% accuracy.

Language Solutions for the Medical Industry

The need to bridge language barriers is critical in the medical industry and in some cases could mean the difference between life and death. Our immense database of expert linguists provides top quality local service in all areas of the country and the world. Corporations and medical institutions alike have discovered that outsourcing challenging language issues to competent professionals is both cost effective and time efficient.

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