Desktop publishing, what is it? How does it work?

Desktop publishing, what is it? How does it work?

What is Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Desktop Publishing involves the design and layout of text and graphics. It is usually related to printed documents, although sometimes it is also necessary for digital content. The DTP teams main task is to adjust the translated content so it looks identical to the original source file.

How Desktop Publishing works

Desktop Publishing does not create much of the material that goes on the page. Instead, they collect work from the various source files. Typically these are source files created in programs such as In-Design, Photoshop, Illustrator and Publisher to name some of the more prevalent ones. The DTP specialist main job is to correctly place the translated text within the document and graphics in the most pleasing way that is similar to the original. Even though Desktop Publishing doesnt usually create material, it may edit what is present in the source document to fix any layout or typographical mistakes. To make each page look as good as possible, desktop publishers have to consider font, text and background color, spacing, text and illustration size and more.

The first DTP step in a typical translation project prepares the source layout files for processing through the translation tool like Trados. Trados is the Translation Memory tool used by translators that ensures that content and coding which should not be altered in the source files and are protected during the translation process. Then the DTP specialists export the layout in the application’s native interchange format, working typically with InDesign and FrameMaker files. This export does not include any text that is found outside the layout application, such as text within graphics or other embedded objects. The DTP specialist then identifies and manually extracts this text and ensures that it is included in the export. The prepared files are then analysed and sent for translation. Once translation and proofreading have been completed, the process is reversed and the DTP specialist imports the interchange format back into the original layout application. Finally, the product is refined and polished to ensure that it is pristine and ready for publication.

What is the importance of Desktop Publishing in Translation?

Multilingual Desktop publishing (DTP) services can be a critical element in a translation project. Many translations involve typesetting, graphics, website layouts, etc. Our desktop publishing teams specialize in high-quality, translation-related design services, graphic design, documentation and graphic localization projects with fast turnaround. The translation of texts usually changes the total number of words and therefore the length of the text. With printing, this almost always leads to changes having to be made to the text layout.

No matter how good the translation quality may be, even a small layout or typographical mistake may dramatically impact how users perceive the product or the brand. This is even more so on high-profile materials such as marketing communications, advertising or packaging.

Desktop Publishing is a required component for many of AML-Global’s translation projects, and having DTP specialists in-house is a huge advantage which helps to account for our efficiency, speed and the high quality of our DTP work. It has experience with multilingual desktop publishing in all contemporary languages, including those with character script, such as Chinese, and languages that are written from right to left, such as Hebrew and Arabic.

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