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Voiceovers or off-camera commentary is a relatively invisible but integral facet of filmmaking, radio broadcasting, commercial television, and other media entities used for the internet, news communication, and education.

Voiceover work is generally performed by a voice actor who records his or her performance only in the audio format that is without visual representation. The recording is then added to the film, television show, commercial, radio-spot, media presentation, internet advertisement, or educational/instructional video, DVD, or the like. The actor is seen and not heard, leaving the viewer to immerse in the visuals before him or her, as the recipient of a “narrated” story.

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Although Voiceovers have been used since the early days of radio, they have been a staple of modern filmmaking and television advertising for well over 50 years since films became talkies in the 1920’s. In recent years, the internet has come to the forefront of the industry. Web designers, bloggers, and web forums utilize voiceover recordings to enhance the visual experience rendered by the web. Docents, leasing agents, and architectural firms, have also joined the ranks by adding voiceovers to virtual tours of museums, apartment buildings, or plans for landscaping/architectural design. The voiceovers pique the sensory experience, audibly, and allow for greater enjoyment of and attraction to the various web media.

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