Types of Sign Language in Houston

Types of Sign Language in Houston

The mostly widely used Sign language in Houston and and surrounding areas like Pasadena, The Woodlands, Galveston & Sugar Land is American Sign Language. However, there are three noteworthy types of Sign Language as of now in the U.S.: American Sign Language (ASL), Signed Exact English (SEE), andPidgin Signed English (PSE). Lets discuss those in this article below.

American Sign Language (ASL) in Houston

You may have seen an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter at work in a hospital, school classroom, or at a podium of a conference, and wondered how toit works. Well, ASL usually follows the TIME + TOPIC + COMMENT structure.It is the most important language tothe Deaf communities in Houston and cities surrounding it, ASL is a very realistic gesture based language. It has evolved over time through use by hard of hearing peopleand is a free-flowing, natural language. ASL is an independent language which means not only does it have its own vocabulary, but its own grammar that differs from spoken English.

Signing Exact English (SEE)

Signed Exact English (SEE) uses signs for each and every English word (even signs that don’t exist in ASL) and exact English word order. Signed Exact English is often used in educational venues, where the concept is that it might help deaf children learn English. Moreover, it was invented to teach deaf children English and is NOT used by adults who are Deaf.

Pidgin Signed English (PSE) or Signed English

Pidgin Signed English (PSE) is a combination of English and American Sign Language (ASL).Traditionally Deaf people use ASL while signing with each other, however many individuals (frequently deaf or hard of hearing) who learnedhow to sign later in life, after hearing and using spoken English, do not sign strictly in ASL. Or possibly, they use a mix of ASL and English that is known as PSE. Hard of hearing individuals are generally extremely proficient at understanding and using this mix of English and ASL when they sign with someone who doesn’t strictly use ASL.

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