Venues are critical to the Success of Conferences, Conventions, Educational Centers, Symposiums, Meetings & Trade Shows

When meeting and destination planners, internal corporate planners and other buyers are looking for a place for their event, it is essential that they select a venue that is the right fit for them based on many criteria. Factors such as: location, cost factors, room availability, catering options, decor, proximity to restaurants, entertainment establishments, size and type of space available, to name some. Whether you work at a venue that is a hotel, casino, resort, convention center, or conference facility, what sets you apart from your competitors, is the quality of service. For over 25 years, American Language Services (AML-Global) has set itself apart from the competition so you can set yourself apart from the competition as well.

Excellent Service is The Key to Success:

Many venues are similar in nature and offer comparable amenities. It is often the small touches that can close the deal for your sales staff. Being able to go the extra mile and make the extra effort with the buyers goes a long way. Many small things can have the cumulative effect of setting you apart from your competitors and winning out against your competitors. Small things can be excellent selling opportunities such as how your handle the initial call of inquiry, what type of first impression you make on the perspective client, how you make the client feel at home and comfortable, how you show the client flexibility in making the appointment, how you determine what is important to the client, and how you offer value associated with the prices you charge. These details can set you apart from others.

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What are your communication goals Every company has specific objectives in mind. Our goal is to ensure that your goals are met. We will work with you in the time frame you require to achieve the success you desire.

Is Your Venue Staff a Great Resource of Information

Meeting planners, destination planners and corporate planners have so much on their plate. They need (and very much appreciate) any assistance you can provide them. The buyers of your service have their own unique pressures. They first need to decide when and where to hold their event. Once that is finished, the hard work begins. Planners literally have to sort through hundreds of details, large and small, to make the event go smoothly. If the buyer feels that your venue can offer them an excellent environment, and just as critical, offer full cooperation an information needed to help them reduce their pressure and stress and more effectively, then you have just put yourself in a position of strength to help you close the deal with them.

Let American Language Services Support You and Your Clients:

American Language Services understands the importance of making your client’s life easier by offering them critical information and expertise in a timely, easy to understand and concise way. AML-Global works very closely with hundreds of venues around the United States. We work closely with the sales, catering and audio visual departments. We have found that when we are referred to clients by various venues that the buyers appreciate the fact that this often overlooked service is now handled. Many times, people just do not know where to go and are relieved and thankful that you connected them. AML-Global takes them through each aspect of their language needs, from initial assessment, recommendations, verbal interpreters, written translations, logistical support, planning, specialized equipment and technical support. For additional information contact us at 800-951-5020 or click on of the links below and fill out a form.

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