Everything you need to know about Sign Language in San Diego

Everything you need to know about Sign Language in San Diego

American Sign Language (ASL) is the primary visual language used across United States and in English speaking parts of Canada. Many educational institutions such as universities, colleges and schools across San Diego and surrounding areas such as Chula Vista, Sorrento Valley, Oceanside, Carlsbad, Escondido and others incorporate ASL as a language approved for academic requirements.

Sign language is communication via gesture

As the name specifies, Sign Language is the method of communication where hand movements, shapes, gestures, and facial expressions are used to express thoughts, needs, emotions and experiences.

Children acquire Sign Language in the same way they acquire spoken language

Just like any other native spoken languages, children learn sign languages, if exposed from birth. It is also specified in the book Language, Cognition, and the Brain of Karen Emmorey.

Sign Language has its own grammar

Just like any other verbal language, Sign language has a set of grammatical rules and idioms. It is also important to note it is different with each language. For example American Sign Language is different from Spanish Sign Language.

Brain damage affects sign language in the same way it affects spoken language

In our brain the left hemisphere is the part which organizes speech and Sign Language. Any damage to this can affect both verbal and Sign Languages equally. The person who uses verbal language may be able to produce words but not in a correct order generating a strange accent. Similarly, in Sign Language, the user may able to produce signs but may not put them in correct grammatical arrangement.

Different countries have different sign language

Based on the culture and region, there are thousands of sign languages used across different countries just like there are a hundreds of other spoken languages. Some of the Sign Languages of other Countries are listed below:

Spain  Spanish Sign Language (SSL)

UK  British Sign Language (BSL)

Portugal Portuguese Sign Language (PSR)

Ireland  Irish Sign Language (ISL)

Sweden  Swedish Sign Language (TSP)

Australia  Auslan (Australian Sign Language)

Japan  Japanese Sign Language (JSL)

Sign Language does not represent spoken language

It would be a mistake to say that Sign Language is just a mere non-verbal translation of spoken languages. American Sign Language (ASL) and British Sign Language, for instance, are completely different.

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