Dallas/Fort Worth: Consecutive or Simultaneous Interpretation

Dallas/Fort Worth: Consecutive or Simultaneous Interpretation

Being an expert language company, we get hundreds of queries each day from people who require interpreters for conferences in Dallas/Fort Worth and also in surrounding cities like Arlington, Plano, Garland, Irving & McKinney. We have realized over the years that people in the conference and event industry have confusion regarding consecutive and simultaneous interpretation. Lets discuss some points of clarification.

What is Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is required when the conference is held by one small group of people and only one foreign language is needed. It is also called Listen before speaking. When the speaker says a couple of sentences and then allows the interpreter to repeat what has just been said in the target language.

For example, if you are holding a business meeting somewhere in Dallas/Fort Worth where most of the attendees are English speakers, but to assist a Spanish speaking attendee a consecutive interpreter has been appointed.

What is Simultaneous Interpretation

In simultaneous interpretation, the speaker speaks through a microphone in a sound proof booth and the audience can listen to what is being said in their own language through headsets by switching to that particular channel. Every year several multi-lingual conferences are hosted in Dallas/Fort Worth. Some of the instances of simultaneous interpreting are conferences, lectures, presentations or during high-profile trials in court. In this case, the interpreter conveys the interpreted words almost immediately through a microphone.

In short, consecutive is stop-and-start while simultaneous is continuous.

Which type of interpreter do you need

This is really simple. It totally depends on the nature of conferences or meetings. When there is a small group of attendees requiring only foreign language, then you can opt for consecutive interpretation. But when the conference consists of a large number of multi lingual audiences, featuring keynote addresses from stage, the optical choose simultaneous interpretation.

For over three decades, AML-Global provides professional consecutive as well as simultaneous interpreting services in over 200 languages in Dallas/Fort Worth and also in surrounding cities like Arlington, Plano, Garland, Irving & McKinney and other. The most popular languages AML-Global work for consecutive as well as simultaneous interpreting service are Spanish, American Sign Language, German, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Portuguese, etc.

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