Top 20 Translated Phrases in Romani Language

Since 1985, American Language Services (AML-Global) has provided effective translation, interpretation, and transcription services in over 200 languages (including ASL & CART services).  AML-Global is one of the largest language service providers in the United States.  We have earned an excellent reputation by delivering cost-effective, timely and great quality work with fast turnaround times.  We are 9001 & 13485 ISO certified, which is a testament to our uncompromising processes.  Below is a sample of commonly translated phrases in the Romani language.

English Romani
Good morning! Lačhi či tahrin
Hello Sastipe!

Lachho dives (Good day)

Lachi tiri divés (Good day to you)

Kushti divvus (British Romany)

How are you? Sar san?

Sar sijan?

Sar si sogodi? (How is everything?)

So’i nevo? (What’s new?)

Sashin? (British Romany)

What is your name? So’i tjiro nav?

Sar bušos/bushos tu?

Sar čo anav?

Sar vikineja tu?

So tutt’s lav? (British Romany)

New Year greetings Baxtalo Nevo Berš
Good night Lachhi tjiri rat
Good luck! But baxt tuke

T’aves baxtalo (>m)

T’aves baxtali (>f)


(Parting phrases)

Dja devlesa! (to person leaving)

Achh devlesa! (to person staying)

No Na
Yes Va
Do you speak Romani? Vaćare romane?

Dali/đali džane romane?

Đali džane romane?

Where’s the toilet / bathroom? Kaj si toalet?

Kaj hi toalet?

Thank you Nais

Nais tuke

I don’t understand Či hačarav

Ni hačarav

Ni hačarav tut

Ni razumiv

Ni razumiv tut

I understand Hačarav

Me hačarav

Me hačarav tut


Me razumiv

Me razumiv tut

My name is … Miro nav si o ….

Me bušov/bushov …

Me sem …

Me sim …

Mandi’s lav … (British Romany)

I don’t know Na džanav
I love you Me mangav tut
Where are you from? Katar aves?

Katar san?

Katar sijan?

Pleased to meet you Loshalo sim te maladjov tut

Me vi loshalo sim (The pleasure is mine – reply)


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