Spanish – Localization for different regions

Spanish Localization for different regions

What is localization

Lets first discuss briefly what localization is. When we talk about localization, we are talking about a translated text that is not only limited to the exact rendering of the terminology in the source language to the target language, but also reflects the special cultural aspects of the target market. However, the correct way of saying it is, a localized text, is an adaptation from both the linguistic and cultural points of view.

Spanish Localization: Europe Spanish vs. Latin America Spanish

It is important to remember that different countries have different choices in terms of national varieties of Spanish, local customs, contents, aesthetics, cultural values and social context and there is no single Spanish language.

Here are some of the examples of difference in European Spanish and Latin American Spanish:

Aspects like formatting of numbers, currency, date/time format, weights, paper sizes, spelling variation among others are to be considered during a typical Spanish localization project.

A “potato” is a “patata” in European Spanish and a “papa” in some LA Spanish speaking countries, like Argentina.

The English term “computer” is an “ordenador” in European Spanish and a “computadora” in LA Spanish speaking countries.

In European Spanish, the word “carro” is a cart that you push or pull to transport things, whereas in Latin America it’s an actual car that you can drive around in. A car in European Spanish is a “coche”, whereas a “coche” in Latin America is a baby stroller.

An “avocado” is an “aguacate” in European Spanish and a “palta” in most LA Spanish speaking countries.

Other words like “pen” show differences between the continents and also within the different countries in Latin America: It’s a “bolgrafo” in European Spanish, a “lpiz pasta” in Chile and a “lapicera” in Argentina.

AML-Globals Spanish Localization Service

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