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Jiangyin is a county-level city on the southern bank of the Yangtze River, and is administered by Wuxi, Jiangsu province. Jiangyin is one of the most important transport hubs on the Yangtze River, it is also one of the most developed counties in China. The People’s Republic of China is the world’s fourth-largest country (by total area), and one of only five remaining Communist states in the world. It has a population of 1,349,585,838 and gained its independence in 1368.  As with the ancient Roman and Egyptian empires, China led most of the world in the arts and sciences for hundreds of years. Pre-history began with civilizations that originated in numerous regions along the Yellow River and Yangtze River valleys over a million years ago. By 2100 BC the Xia Dynasty had formed, becoming China’s first dynasty – according to ancient historical records. Little is known about the Xias apart from their eventual downfall in 1600 BC, as a consequence of the Battle of Mingtiao. Following the Xias, the Shang Dynasty rose to power and then were ultimately overrun by the Zhou Dynasty in 1066 BC.

Historical, Cultural facts & Religion

According to some ancient Chinese documents, Jiangyin of Jiangsu has a history of 2,500 years. It was called Jiyang  County about 1,800 years ago. About 555 AD it was then named Jiangyin Eparchy because the location was at the southern bank of Yangtze River. The name is still being used at present.

Brief City  History

Jiangyin city is located in the geometrical centre of the Yangtze Delta, which is known as the most economically developed region in China. Bounded by the Yangtze River on the north and the Taihu Lake on the south, Jiangyin is a vibrant river port city abounds with cultural heritage. It lies 150km from Shanghai and Nanjing and is supported by 6 airports within a 160km radius. Jiangyin Yangtze Road Bridge, Xi-Cheng Superhighway, Hu-Ning Superhighway, Yanjiang Superhighway and Xin-Chang Railway combine to form a transportation hub integrating water transportation into land transportation. The city covers an area of totals 988 square km and is populated by 1.2 million people.

Jiangyin has been long known as a “Gateway to the Yangtze river mouth” and a “Strategic Port City”. Since ancient times, the city has been known for its perpetuated cultural heritage. As one of the most important cradles of the Liangzhu Culture, Jiangyin has had 7,000 years of humanities history, 5,000 years of civilization history and 2,500 years of recorded history. Since the Ming and Qing Dynasties, there have been countless eminent elites, including but not limited to Xu Xiake (a great geographer), Miao Quansun (known as “the Initiator of Modern Chinese Libraries”), Liu Bannong (a great modern litterateur), Liu Tianhua (a great ethnic musician) and Ju Zan (a great Buddhist researcher). Jiangyin is known for nearly one hundred college presidents, 13 academicians and over 40 generals of the country. Jiangyin creates 1/250th of China’s fiscal revenue, 1/200th of GDP and 1/100th of stock-listed companies with 1/10000th of China’s territory and 1/1000th of China’s population. Jiangyin has ranked on top of the list in respect of the county economy communities in China for many successive years.

Jiangyin achieved an annual GDP of 200 billion Chinese Yuan, fiscal revenue of 38 billion Chinese Yuan including general budget revenue of 13 billion Chinese Yuan, a disposable income of urban citizens comes to 30,184, Yuan, and the per capita net income of peasants comes to 14,898 Yuan. In terms of per capita net income of peasants, the city has been ranking on top of all other cities in Jiangsu for 11 successive years. In a national ranking of fundamental competitiveness of county economies, Jiangyin has been listed in the No.1 position for eight successive years.  In the recent five years, Jiangyin has been awarded more than 40 national honors. One of the First National-Level Ecological Cities, an International Garden City, and China’s Most Charming City for Economic Vitality, One of China’s Ten Famous Harmonious Cities, and a National-Level Exemplary Pacemaker City for Sustainable Development, etc. Also, Jiangyin is one of the 18 national-level typical regions designated by the Central government in memory of the Reform & Opening Policy. It’s also famed as a “Pioneer City for Scientific Development”.

Language (s) Written & Spoken

Jiangyin dialect is a Northern Wu Chinese dialect spoken in the city of Jiangyin in Jiangsu province. Jiangyin dialect is a member of the Wu Chinese Taihu Wu family of dialects, which means the inhabitants speak a dialect similar to that of nearby Wuxi, Changzhou, Suzhou, and Shanghai.

Important Types of Commerce in Jiangyin

Major industries include automobiles and key components, new energy, service outsourcing and science and technology. Established in 1992, the JEDZ was approved as a national-level development zone in 2011. The zone mainly focuses on new materials (metals), textiles, IT and machinery manufacturing.

Language Services US and others will provide working with Jiangyin

People can move from one place to another due to various reasons. Therefore, interpreting is necessary to ease understanding in communication. Some of the reasons may be an adventure, fleeing wars, employment, business and many others. Business, law, education, research, engineering, manufacturing, medical and some of the many fields that require professional translation and interpretation services when doing business in Jiangyin. Proper understanding and knowledge of the local terminologies used is highly essential for essential and quality language service. Wu Chinese is the major language spoken in Jiangyin. Industry doing business with Jiangyin will require accurate and consistent Wu Chinese language services to grasp the wider market.

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