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Guiping is a county-level city in eastern Guangxi, China. It is under the administration of Guigang City, located at the confluence of the Qian and Yu rivers, which are the Xi River’s primary north and south tributaries, respectively. Guiping is a city found in Guangxi, China. It is located 23.39 latitude and 110.07 longitudes and it is situated at elevation 44 meters above sea level. Guiping has a population of 71,066 making it the 11th biggest city in Guangxi.

Historical, Cultural facts & Religion

Guiping was formerly known as Xunzhou. From 1855 to 1861 it was the capital of the rebel state of Da Cheng and was called Xiujing. This city gives an impression of being out of time, of the actuality. Its surroundings offer interesting walks, such as the ascent to Xishan where the path has many temples and religious buildings.

Brief City  History

Guigang is located in eastern Guangxi. It is located between Guangxi’s five major cities: Nanning, Guilin, Liuzhou, Beihai, and Wuzhou. Its location makes it a major transportation and business hub, connecting central China with the south, especially Hong Kong and Macau. Guigang has a rail line, several major highways, an expressway, and most importantly a large port on the Xi River, its direct connection to the Pearl River Delta. The area is 10,595 km2 (4,091 sq. mi). Climate is sub-tropical and monsoonal with an annual mean temperature of 21 °C (70 °F). Annual precipitation is 1,428 mm (56.2 in).

Language (s) Written & Spoken

Standard Mandarin is spoken by nearly all, but “baihua”, a dialect of Cantonese, also known in pinyin Chinese as “Yueyu” is spoken as the local native language in parts of eastern Guangxi. Some of the many minority groups still speak their own tongues as well.

Important Types of Commerce in Guiping

Important industries in Shanghai include financial services, wholesale and retail, real estate, transportation, construction, and manufacturing.

Language Services US and others will provide working with Guiping

Doing business with Guigang requires an understanding of their local language which is Mandarin. An individual or business is required to have a Mandarin interpreter accompanying them in Guigang for an exhibition, business negotiations, training, conference, medical support or for an excursion to bridge the language gap. Moreover, they also require Mandarin Translation services for translation of important business documents such as sales and marketing literature, copyright, trademark and patent applications, partnership and employment agreements, mergers, acquisitions and incorporations, trusts and wills flawlessly.

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