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Aurangabad is a city in Maharashtra state, in India. It’s known for the 17th-century marble Bibi ka Maqbara shrine, styled on the Taj Mahal. The nearby Shivaji Maharaj Museum, dedicated to the Maratha king Shivaji, displays war weapons and a coin collection. North of the city, the Aurangabad Caves comprise ancient, rock-cut Buddhist shrines. West of the city, battlements surround the medieval Daulatabad Fort) is a city in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is the administrative headquarters of the Aurangabad district and is the largest city in the Marathwada region. Located on a hilly upland terrain in the Deccan Traps, Aurangabad is the fourth-most populous urban area in Maharashtra with a population of 1,175,116.

Historical, Cultural facts & Religion

The history of Aurangabad, a city in Maharashtra, India, dates to 1610 when it was founded by Malik Ambar, the Prime Minister of Murtaza Nizam Shah II of Ahmadnagar, on the site of a village called Kharki. The culture of Aurangabad city is heavily influenced by the culture of Hyderabad. The old city still retains the cultural flavor and charms of the Muslim culture of Hyderabad. Its influence is reflected in the language and cuisine of the locals. Hinduism is the majority religion in Aurangabad city with 51.07 % followers. Islam is the second most popular religion in the city of Aurangabad with approximately 30.79 % following it. In Aurangabad city, Christianity is followed by 0.86 %, Jainism by 1.62 %, Sikhism by 0.29 % and Buddhism by 0.29 %.

Brief City  History

The name is derived from the Mughal ruler, Aurangzeb. Its ancient history dates back up to the eras of Buddhism, but the modern history of Aurangabad is traced back to 1610. The Buddhist caves in Aurangabad and Ellora are the clear evidence of strong Buddhism influence and influx around the city in earlier times. A prime minister of the Muslim Kingdom of Ahmednagar, Malik Ambar established a town at a village called Khirki. Later, his son Fateh Khan named the town as Fatehpur in 1626. Mohammad Bin Tughlaq tried to switch over the capital of his Delhi sultanate to Fatehpur in the 14th century keeping in mind the strategic location of the town. The town was at the centre of India, and the region was considered the safest from the marauding armies of the Afghan and Central Asian raiders. When Aurangzeb took over the Deccan kingdoms, he changed the name of the town to Aurangabad in 1653. Aurangzeb used the town as the strategic point to suppress the rising power of Shivaji. Aurangabad was taken over by the Nizam of Hyderabad after the death of Aurangzeb in 1707 that retained control till it was merged with Maharashtra in 1956. The current day Aurangabad offers a wonderful opportunity to step back to past history. Ajanta and Ellora caves and Bibi-Ka-Makbara bring back the visitors to the past history of the town.

Language (s) Written & Spoken

Although Marathi and Urdu are the principal languages of the city, they are spoken in Dakhni – Hyderabadi Urdu dialect. Wali Dakhni also is known as Wali Aurangabadi (1667–1731 or 1743) was a classical poet of Urdu from Aurangabad.

Important Types of Commerce in Aurangabad

Textiles are the second most important industrial product; Tehran and Esfahan are the chief textile-producing centers. Other major industries are sugar refining, food processing, and the production of petrochemicals, cement and other building materials, and machinery.

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