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Understanding The Igbo Language & Providing Professional Igbo Interpreters, Translators and Transcriptionists

American Language Services (AML-Global) understands the importance of working in the Igbo language. For over a Quarter of a Century, American Language Services has worked with the Igbo language as well as hundreds of others from around the world. We offer comprehensive language services 24 hours, 7 days a week worldwide by providing Igbo interpreting, translation and transcriptions services along with hundreds of other languages and dialects. Our linguists are native speakers and writers who are screened, credentialed, certified, field tested and experienced in a number of specific industry settings. The Igbo language is unique and has very specific origins and characteristics.

Igbo’s Dialects, Language and Orthography

Igbo is a language spoken in Nigeria by around 20-25 million people, the Igbo, especially in the southeastern region once identified as Biafra and parts of South southern region of Nigeria. Igbo is a tonal language, like Yoruba and Chinese. There are hundreds of different dialects and Igboid languages that the Igbo language comprises. Igbo has a number of dialects, distinguished by accent or orthography but almost universally mutually intelligible. The wide variety of spoken dialects has made agreeing a standardized orthography and dialect of the Igbo language very difficult; thus, it’s vital to use a native speaker for your translation needs. American Language Services has skilled, certified translators ready to assist you.

The Igbo Language in Nigeria

Igbo is spoken in Nigeria, a federal constitutional republic comprising of thirty-six states and one Federal Capital Territory. The country is located in West Africa and shares land borders with Benin, Cameroon and Niger. Nigeria is known as the birthplace of human history, with archeological finds dating back to 9000 BCE. It is the most populous country in Africa and the eighth most populous country in the world. The culture of Nigeria has influenced many African states and other countries worldwide. Nigeria’s rich literary history, music and film are unique to its people and ideological taste. The cuisine of Nigeria is equally diverse and rich with its colorful and lavish feasts cooked with an abundance of spices and different types of oils. This may explain why in 2003 a survey of 65 nations reported Nigerians to be the happiest people in the world.

Igbo Usage

Igbo is both spoken and written language mainly in southeastern Nigeria but this usage also extends beyond these confines to south southern Nigeria covering some parts of Rivers and Delta States where the Ikweres, Anioma and others are geographically situated. In Anioma (Among the Eneani) especially, the Igbo language is still referred to as “Asusu Igbo” and retains much of Igbo words and idiomatic expressions.

Who are You Going to Trust with Your Vital Igbo Language Needs

The Igbo language is an important language worldwide. It is vital to understand the general nature and specific idiosyncrasies of Igbo. Since 1985, AML-Global has provided outstanding Igbo interpreters, translators and transcriptionsts worldwide.


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