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Conference & Event Interpreting Planning

American language Services has been providing language services and specialty equipment for Conferences, Trade Shows, Symposiums, Meetings & Training sessions for almost 4 decades. We have worked in locations throughout the U.S. and Worldwide on a myriad of projects, subjects, languages, and equipment needs. Regardless of the size and type of event, if language services are required, it is extremely important that the planning details are executed thoroughly. There is an adage that says, “plan your work and work your plan”. This is most true when it comes to your events.

Timing Counts in Planning

The general rule is that the larger the event, the more time in advance the planning should take place. For an event that is considered larger, it is recommended that planning be completed, and the event scheduled a minimum of 90 days prior to the event start date. Please note that this is a minimum number of days. We would highly recommend that the event gets planned and scheduled more than 90 days prior to the event start time, if possble.

For small and medium size events, it is recommended that the event get planned and scheduled 60 -90 days prior to the event start time.

We know that it is not always possible to get all the details far in advance. If you are a meeting planning company, for instance, the details often will be with your client and sometimes they are difficult to obtain.  We understand that and encourage you to communicate with your clients and let them know that these are vital details and give them a kind nudge forward to obtain the details as fast as possible.

Partial Details are Better Than None

Even if you don’t have all the details that you need to fully facilitate a meeting with your interpreting provider, it is still much better to start the process sooner with incomplete details so some of the prep work can be done on a timely basis. You’re very likely to know the dates, city, language(s) and some of the schedule. This is a good starting point to getting the ball rolling and have an ongoing discussion about several topics regarding the upcoming event.

When you don’t have all the details, the process can be started, and details can be added over time. This makes it easier for everyone so when all the details do come in, it won’t be starting from scratch, it will be part of the communications already in progress.

Advantages of Proper Planning

Typically, the better an event is planned, the more smoothly and professional the event turns out. This is not to say that an excellent interpreting company like American Language Services can’t handle a major event on short notice, we can. The purpose of this White Paper is to give you a good guideline as to best practices so you can have a successful, world class event.

The first advantage of proper planning is that the longer lead time you have, the higher the likelihood is that you will have the most qualified and experienced interpreters available. The best interpreters tend to get booked first, by planning your event on a timely basis you have the best change of locking down the best interpreters.

The second key reason for good, advanced planning is that often conferences require equipment and technical support needs. When events are booked well ahead of time, you will get your equipment reserved and not have to worry about potential shortages or senior technicians being unavailable because they have already been booked somewhere else.

A third important reason is that it gives your interpreting company the opportunity to work directly with your venue and AV-Team. This allows for proper coordination to happen while working out any potential challenges and help create an overall strategy as to how to handle all your equipment, delivery, set up, monitoring and break down at the end of the event.

A fourth good reason to properly plan your event is that it gives you some flexibility to make last minute changes as you go and have these changes implemented in a proactive way rather than a reactive way.

Planning is a Key Element in Every Event

Every event has unique characteristics, and the details can change greatly from event to event. What is not unique is the need for proper event planning. This is one of the critical elements to ensuring your event will be successful and can also take considerable pressure off yourself by not waiting to the last minute.

We understand that when you’re managing an event, interpreting services is just one element of a bigger picture and you have many other aspects to consider. Sometimes, interpreting services are below the radar and are lower on the priority list. However, as noted above, there are many excellent reasons to plan your event in advance and feel comfortable that you are totally covered as you go on to other aspects of your responsibilities.

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