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Specialized Translation & Localization

American Language Services ® (AML-Global) started its medical device division in 1996. We saw the emerging demand in this unique market. As U.S. based companies expanded their global reach to countries in Asia, Europe, and South America, specifically, companies recognized that materials needed to be translated and localized to reach their target market. At the same time, World companies also recognized a need to target the U.S., Canada, Great Britain and other English speaking countries. For more information about the industry click here:

ISO Certified

As a testament to our overall quality and our commitment to the medical device industry, AML-Global is ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certified. The ISO 13485 is specific to the medical device industry and relatively few language service providers have obtained this prestigious certification.

Direct Experience & Unique Skill Set Required:

There is a unique skill set needed to translate the specific documents most prevalent in the medical device Industry. AML-Global translators and project management team has the direct experience and proven skills to do this effectively. Our translators have specific experience translating, editing and localizing for in the Medical Device Manufacturing Industry. Our expert team has specialized skills and familiarity with the industry terminology to best provide services for this unique industry. We translate a wide variety of documents, and subjects, in over 150 languages, for many departments within companies.

Specific Document Translations

Examples of these are test results, information for use (IFU), standard operating procedures, (SOP).software localization, web sites, regulatory & compliance documentation, labeling & packaging data collection, marketing/sales , instructional and operational manuals and instructional specifications to name some.

Along with the translation of these documents, there are often requirements to provide formatting and desktop publishing services (DTP). AML-Global provides full DTP services in over 200 languages and every major software programs including In Design, Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML, and XML to name only a few.

Technology Solutions:

Our company uses the most advanced technology along with our experienced and specialized linguists. We utilize translation memory tools, glossary creation, OCR and other technical resources. These enhancement tools allow us to produce documents with more consistency, faster, and at a cost competitive rate by taking advantage of repetitions within the document and in comparison with other documents and previously translated documents. Also, the establishment and use of preferential choice glossaries makes for a more consistent document that better satisfies the objectives of our clients. For more information about our technology solutions click here.

Understanding our Clients' Needs

Since its inception in 1985, AML-Global has experienced consistent growth by asking the right questions, proactively listening to our clients and ultimately understanding and satisfying their needs. Our corporate philosophy centers on the duel bedrock principles of providing great service, utilizing specialized linguists and advanced technology tools and cost competitive value pricing. Our client retention and referral rates are among the best in the industry. Quality is in the forefront of everything AML-Global does. For a partial list of who we work with click here.

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We have 15 strategically located offices to service a wide array of client needs. We utilize state of the art technology tools along with expert linguists, in-house staff, and superior processes to provide world class service.

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