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American Language Services® Media Division

Founded in 1985, U.S. based American Language Services® (AML-Global) evolved from an intimate language school into the leading media, interpreting, and translation agency it is today. The AML-Global Media Division provides a full range of international multi-language communication services and offers its unique services worldwide. AML-Global has two distinct areas within our media division, Entertainment Media & Corporate Media. AML Global's Media Division has been serving the needs of industries for more than 30 years.

In the rapidly changing field of media and in today's global economy, entertainment companies, large and small corporations, and institutions of all kinds are producing multilingual media in order to achieve their localization strategies.

Entertainment Media

For entertainment and media production companies, international distribution of their product is not only preferable, but a necessity in today's global economy. In order to meet the needs of an international audience films, broadcast, television, web content, social media, audio and video must be accessible and understandable to target markets.

Projects vary greatly from project to project. Whether you need voiceovers, dubbing or subtitling of films, documentaries, broadcast media or just transcription of audio and video files, we have skilled and experienced teams who work with the latest in technology, a multitude of software, advanced hardware, web-interfacing, and desktop publishing programs. We are able to combine creative elements, specialized linguists, and sophisticated technology in our state-of-the-art studios to deliver you the highest quality final product. Click for more info.

Corporate Media

For corporations of all sizes and industries, media work is becoming a more important and vital element in the day to day workings of businesses. This media work encompasses areas such as training, marketing, instructional, sales, regulatory, human resource, legal, and compliance related issues, to name some.

Whether a company is conducting online training seminars, social media, online webinars, motivating the sales force, or achieving greater market penetration, the use of multilingual media through dubbing, voiceovers, and subtitling plays an ever increasing role. Click for more info.

Understanding the Unique Need of the Media Services in Todays Market

American Language Services® is a worldwide leader in the language media industry. By paying meticulous attention to details, AML-Global has earned an outstanding reputation for providing timely and cost effective media work for a multitude of media outlets. AML-Global linguists are fluent in virtually every written and spoken language around the globe and we have accumulated and developed some of the most impressive linguistic talent in the world.

AML-Global executes projects in a wide variety of media formats. We have a secured, backed up network with encryption technology for security, transferring and maintenance of files. This offers the highest level of security to ensure complete confidentiality and safekeeping of all data.

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We have 15 strategically located offices to service a wide array of client needs. We utilize state-of-the-art technology tools along with expert linguists, in-house staff, and superior processes to provide world class service.

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